House votes to sue the President

The Tea a Party dominated U.S. House has plumbed a new depth today. They have voted to sue President Obama. The is disgusting. Their lacking of respect for democracy is frightening.

We must stop this. President Obama has been a mixed bag for progressives, but compared to the “GOP” he is Albert Scweitzer, especially since their strategy against has been draconian and is becoming ever more so. Impeachment cannot be far behind and if the “GOP” takes control of the Senate, president Obama could be removed from office.

Enough is enough. Let us inundate all of Congress with letters and e-mail. Also, it is time to turn every Republican ( and some conservative Democrats ) out of office. Finally, we must demand reform of campaign finance laws in short order. No more corporate personhood. No more oligarchy. We derserve a true democrscy now!

correction: the House RULES COMMITTEE voted 7-4 along party lines to give Boehner’s the authority to sue. President Obama. This now goes to the full house for a vote, which is expected next week. (From The Business Insider)

The full house now debating a measure, House Resolution 676, which would authorize a lawsuit against President Obama. (From CSPAN) It is happening today after all! Tune in to CSPAN! Wake up, people!

The a Resolution authorizing suing President Obama has passed 225-221! Only five (5) Republicans voted against it! The outrage has been committed! Oust ALL a Republicans!

Monroe County Judge Strikes Down Florida Gay Marriage Ban.

A federal judge in Monroe County just struck down Florida’s ban on gay marriage. This small step is a historic victory. The wave of federal decisions in favor of gay marriage has finally hit the Sunshine State. In Monroe County, at least, marriage equality will exist for a while.

Hopefully, this historic ruling will not be overruled and will be followed by others.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is deplorably and predictably appealing the decision overturning the ban on gay marriage. While Judge Garcia said that gay couples could obtain marriage licenses starting on the 22nd of this, Bondi is asking for a stay. Let us hope she fails. If you are religious, pray. We must also turn that travesty of an AG out of office this November.

Plum Creek

Environmentalists in Alachua County have frequently had to fight proposals for new malls, commercial plazas, even “communities.” A company called Plum Creek, however, has topped all these. This firm has proposed to build what has been called a town, on a wetland area, no less.

This ” town” is to be constructed east of Newnan’s Lake. The current wetland is already suffering loss of water and increasing pollutant levels. With the stress on the Florida Aquifer and the water crisis in the state as a whole, the lass thing we need is to lose more wetlands. As Cynthia Barnett pointed out in her book on the water problem in Florida, few wetlands means less rain because storms will not last as long when they come ashore with less water to sustain them.

Further, if the purpose is to create jobs, siting developments in a East Gainesville and or Hawthorne, where the jobs are needed makes more sense. For more on this misguided proposal and fighting it, please see

Corporate Free Speech and Teacher Gag Orders

This article describes very well how the Supreme Court majority is getting out of hand. They pick and choose which law they apply and they focus on the needs of conservative groups and ignore the concerns of others.

Reclaim Reform

The Supreme Court Five has refused freedom of speech for teachers and approved freedom of speech protections for corporations (the legal fiction of corporate personhood). Even freedom of religious rights has been granted to corporations who are allowed to refuse birth control pills as part of women’s healthcare coverage. (The vast majority of teachers are women.) This is political/corporate motivated judicial lunacy.

Gag orders against teachers for tests and evaluations, the use and abuse of Common Core State Standards, student needs, physical conditions within the school, etc. are nationwide. Gag orders. To oppose the gag orders is to lose a job and a career. This is corporate education reform lunacy.

gag teacher3

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