The Burka Avenger

This is a wonderful development. One of Pakistan’s foremost pop stars has helped to launch a fantastic cartoon called “The Burka Avenger.”(website: The title character is a mild-mannered teacher (who does NOT wear cover her head on the job) who uses a burka to hide her true identity as a superhero who defends kids from villains who try to thwart the education of girls. The series is a superb aid in the fight against anti-woman and anti-girl ideologies. The Burka Avenger is definite,y the greatest superhero ever! BTW: The word “Awesome” is a link to a longer article on the show.

Feminist Philosophers

Pakistani heroine Burka Avenger is a mild-mannered teacher with secret martial arts skills.
She uses a flowing black burka to hide her identity as she fights local thugs seeking to shut down the girls’ school where she works.


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Verdict Reached in Zimmerman Trial

The Associated Press is reporting that a verdict has been reached in the George Zimmerman trial over the death of Trayvon Martin. The jury has a choice of second degree murder, manslaughter, or not guilty. They previously requested clarification of the manslaughter charge. Personally I think it will be manslaughter, which is negligent homicide. Zimmerman set up the situation by stalking Martin. That is negligent homicide if anything is.

Update: Zimmerman was acquitted on both charges. How could they not have convicted him of manslaughter? Perhaps the law somehow prevented it, but this still seems like a miscarriage of justice. All Zimmerman had to do to escape conviction was claim self-defense, which put the crudeness of proof on the prosecution. I just hope this case does not inspire anyone to stalk people they deem suspicious or to become vigilantes.

Stop Execution in Florida Tomorrow

Marshall Lee Gore is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection tomorrow at 6:00PM in Starke, Florida. The reasons this is wrong are many: the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment and just plain wrong, Florida has already executed 24 individuals who were exonerated afterward, and judges have ignored evidence that Gore is mentally incompetent.
Please call, write, and/or email rogue Governor Rick Scott and tell him to stop the execution and convene the state Executive Clemency Board. Visit the website of Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty for more information.

Update: According to FDAP, a Bradford County judge has stayed the execution and ordered hearing next week to look in Gore’s mental competency. This is but a temporary victory, so keep calling, writing, and e-mailing Governor Scott.