House and Senate Republicans Are Holding the Economy Hostage -It Must Be Rescued

The Republican Party is showing that it will go to any lengths to win an election. They are actually holding the country’s economy hostage to defeat President Obama this November, their leaders having stated repeatedly that the latter is their top priority. They have blocked most of his agenda. They have blocked his appointments to the Fed that they have not had a quorum with which to take action. During the last year congressional Republicans have repeatedly, with considerable hostility, warned  Fed Chairman Bernanke against intevening. They have colossal gall.

Further, they have crated uncertainties which have stalled growth. First was the debate over health. When Obamacare was passed, albeit without a public option, and the uncertainty appeared to be over, a group of Republican state Attorneys General filed a lawsuit claiming the legislation was unconstitutional. This suit kept the uncertainty and forestalled hiring, thereby winning the 2010 election for the GOP.

After the election, the GOP was delivered presents by the rise in demand in China which fueled a rise in oil prices, and then by the debt crisis in Europe. Increase in oil production by OPEC have lowered oil prices. Efforts to save the Euro have tempered anxiety over the European economy.

The specter of  another debt limit crisis has the uncertainty back at full bloom, however. The Republicans are displaying their usual intransigence. They refuse to consider a revenue increase, (can’t anger Grover, can we?) but the GOP-controlled house passed a tax  cut bill for the rich which, by some accounts, would raise taxes on those in the lowest tax brackets. They still insist on budget cuts which would hurt the economy. They are holding the debt limit deadline over this country like a Sword of Damocles which is bringing the fragile economy to a halt, all in the name of defeating Obama. He must terrify them.

We cannot allow one party to sabotage our economy. We can also not allow the President to be turned out of office because of an economic situation that is frankly not his fault. We must do everything in our power to stop this. Write to your congress people and senators. Pressure Republicans to relent, spur Democrats to action. Make conservative Democrats act like Democrats.  We must turn this deplorable situation around.

Senate votes on Bring Jobs Home Act Tomorrow

The U.S. Senate wil vote tomorrow on the Bring Jobs Home Act. This bill will end loopholes that encourageshipping jobs overseas where jobs often pay much less than here. Thus, although the thrust of saving U.S. jobs seems a bit jingoistic, it overlaps greatly with the general need to save higher-wage jobs from bring downgraded to miniscule wages. Please ask your senators to vote for this important legislation.

LDF Files Class-Action Suit

The NAACP filed a class-action race discrimination lawsuit against clothing retailer Wet Seal. The suit, Cogdon v. Wet Seal, charges that executives at the company directed their top managers to get rid of African-American managers and hire more whitemployees in the interest of the brands image.

Additionally, a former regional director of the firm filed a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that she was fired for promoting an African-American to managechain one of the chain’s prominent stores. Hers is one of 20 charges of discrimination filed with the EEOC by current and former employees. All our hopes are with them. Updates will be published as they come.

Resolution Against “Citizen’s United” Fails in Alachua County

Gainesville (Florida) Move To Amend proposed putting a resolution overruling the U.S. Supreme Court’s horrendous “Citizens United” decision on the ballot in Alachua County. The county commision approved a limited version last week by a 3-2 vote with Tea Party Commissioner Susan Baird and conservative Democrat Lee Pinkoson voting no.

Another vote, however, stood in the way. The resolution needed to survive a vote on the wording, held yesterday, to appear on the ballot. Sadly it was not to be. Republican Commissioner Winstin Bradley, appointed by Florida rogue Governor Rick Scott to fill a vacancy, changed his mind and voted no, resulting in a 3-2 vot killing the measure.  He told The Gaineville Sun that he made the switch because he checked the Move To Amend website and the “partisan nature of what he saw eroded his support”

What we have is another Republican in denial of the fact that most of the problem is on his side (Bradley), a predictable Tea Partier (Baird), and a traitorous Democrat (Pinkoson). The next move is to vigorously oppose these three for re-election. They have shown their true colors. For the Republicans, this s no surprise. Even though Pinkoson has been. Right-winger during his tenure and I have always opposed him, his vote was not totallyexpected. Suffice it to say that no Democrat should ever vote for him again!

DISCLOSE Act filibustered. Second try at closure tomorrow.

The DISCLOSE act,mandating disclosure of ALL campaign donors and sponsored by eighteen senators, was brought up for a vote for closure of debate in the senate. Republicans, who had threatened a filibuster, did just that less than an hour ago. the final vote was 51-44 short of the sixty (60) needed. a second vote will be held tomorrow.

Passage of this legislation is critical. That Republicans would stand in its way is outrage. Anymous campaign donations and Super PACs must not be allowed to continue. Please ask your senator to vote for the closure and support the DISCLOSE. The time has come to end Republican stonewalling and Super PACS!

Green Party Convention

The Green Party of the United States  started their national convention thursday. Ralph Nader is not on hand, as he is supporting former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson for president this year. GPUSA, meanwhile, formally nominated Jill Stein as its presidential candidate today. Stein, a graduate of Harvard Medical School and a member of  Physicians for Social Responsibility, handily defeated Rosanne Barr in the primaries.

Her choice for a running mate is poverty activist Cheri Honkala, currently executive director of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign. They appeared together for the first time Friday. The rock band Woven Green played.

Yesterday’s (7/13) Polls

I’m baaaaaack! It’s Friday the Thirteenth. Correction, it WAS Friday the Thirteenth. Times flies sometimes. Here, then, are YESTERDAY’s presidential tracking polls:

  • All Voters

Rasmussen :   Obama 46%, Romney 45%, some other candidate 5% (3-day) (likely voters)

Gallup          :   Obama 46%, Romney 46% (7-day) (registered voters)

  • Obama Presidential Approval

Rasmussen :    Approve 48%, Disapprove 51% (3-day) (likely voters)

Gallup          :    Approve 45%, Disapprove 48% (3-day) (registered voters)


The race is still even. Whatever damage the Bain controversy and the president’s commercials have done to Romney has been counterblanced by the damage the economy is still doing to Mr. Obama. Additionally, several polls show youth and Latino projected turnout (saying they will vote) to be lower than other groups. Worse yet, since the Republican convention is a month and a half away, we will be subject to the Dog Torturer’s vice presidential pick soon. What a summer!