Climate Accord Reached

The countries at the Paris summit finally reached a climate agreement.  The pact calls for reducing global warming below 2%.

The new pact also includes provision for consideration and  aid for deve

loping countries, but they are not satisfied and want more. This was a  sticking point in  previous negotiations as well.

It remains to be seen if this agreement will pass in the legislative bodies of the signatory countries. They are controlled by conservatives in some countries such as this country and Australia. in the former Sen. Tom Coburn of Nebraska has vowed that no money will be spent for the organization created by the treaty.

Another question is whether they will follow through. Fossil fuel concerns have been doing all they can to manipulate the process. This pressure will be hard to resist during the current uncertain economic times. Note that the agreement is not specific about how far below 2% the goal is to be.

Finally, the biggest question is will the agreed to reduction in temperature will be enough. Scientists, according to the article linked to above, say that 1% rise I temperature is natural but that trouble happens at 2% or higher. Will the target be too lose to 2%? Will 2% even be reached? Only time will tell.

For now we can rejoice that such an unprecedented and historic agreement has actually been reached. It is likely even fauther from perfection than is now apparent, but is an important step forward.