2015 State of the Union Speech

The president has just been introduced to a standing ovation. He just touted the low unemployment and lowered dependence on foreign oil.

he touting the drawdown of troops in Afghanistan, but many will remain. “The state of the Union is strong.” No surprise there.Hhe said he will send a bill to congress filled with “practical ideas,” and then campaign across the country for them.

Now he is telling the story of a young woman who used a federal loan to go to community college.

He just claimed that this country is #1 in natural gas and wind power. He is still bragging. They are all clapping, but I saw a grumpy look on a Republican’s face. They need to grow up.

He is threatening veto for bills that “earned” it. Cheers!

He is once again talking abou Rebecca, the woman who went to community college.

He just defined middle class econmics as where everyone gets a fair chance. Good.

He just stressed the importance of affordable child care and that it should not be”treated as a side issue.” He has a plan that involves tax cuts, but  also advocates paid leave and asked for a bill. Wow!

Give “hardest working people in America a raise.” Advocates strengthening unions, helping workers improve their skills.

He just introduced his plan for free community college, and got a standing ovation from some. He asks that businesses provide more apprenticeships and more “educational benefits.” He also asks CEOs to her veterans, and to create jobs ” here in America.”

He is now talking about 21st Century Infrastructure.

Precision Medicine Initiative. He also says he will try to create an open internet. He talked about the new space program and TV showed Scott Kelly, who got a standing ovation.

He is now talking about the tax code.

he is no getting a standing ovation for vowing to hunt down terrorists. Predictable.

He is talking about the Islamic State, and unfortunately called ISIS. He wants authorization to use force against them. Ugh!

Now he touts his Cuba deal. “Congress should do the work of ending the embargo.” Interesting.

Ah! Now comes  a threat to veto any new Iran sanctions bill. Right on!

He says that our scientists, doctors and workers are rolling back Ebola. I hope so.

Great! He just pointed out that 2014 was the warmest year ever, chides deniers for dodging the facts. They say they “are not scientists” and neither is he but he believes in NASA and NOAA. So do I. The cheers!

He advocates the closure of Gitmo, to “finish the job.” Fantastic!

He talked about how gay right has gone from a wedge issue to a popular stand. The great John Lewis was shown by TV cameras participating in the standing ovation. Very moving.

He is talking about “a better politics.” Let’s see what he will propose:

– women’s access to health care

– immigration

“Surely we agree that the right to vote is sacred, and taks about Selma and Fergson.

Advocates reform of the criminal justice system. Very cautious, but that is life.

His only agenda is to “do what is best for America.” Tells Republcand he will seek it their ideas. Groan!


He finished with platitudes. It was fun to see the Republicans frowning; they are still the grumpy old party! This speech was speckled with bold initiatives but was also filled with platitudes and too cautious. Let us hope he will live up to his veto threats. We need a president who will fight the Republican majority in Congress.