Black Trans History Is Inspirational by Monica Roberts

Black Trans History Is Inspirational by Monica Roberts. -this is an article from the Transgender Law Center.

Black Trans History is an appropriate topic during Black History month. Transgendered African-Americans have rich history, as Ms. Roberts points out. Let us not forget that.

Joel Buchanan

Black History Month started on Sunday. We will start by talking about the integration of Gainesville High School by three African-American students in 1964. ( How chilling it is that the chocolate denied admission to Afican-Americans up until only twelve years before I started there)The most notable of that legendary trio was Joeal Buchanan who sadly passed away last May at the young age of 65.

Buchanan is a legend both for integrating Gainesville High School despite being spat upon and for chronicling the the history of the local African-African American community before the Civil Rights Movement and recmarording interviews with those lived during that time. He eventually worked for the University of Florida.

In 2002 he was inducted into the Martin Luther King Junior Commission of Florida hall of fame, and last month that group honored him posthumously on the day after the celebration of King’s birthday. In my opinion he was the most distinguished graduate of GHS.

Here is a podcast from the University of Florida Library’s Oral History Project with Joel Buchanan talking about the integration of Gainesville High School.