Rubio Advocates Dismantling Social Security and Medicare. Marco Rubio has unmasked himself and unmasked his fellow Republicans in the process. At the same event that he announced his candidacy for president, the Florida senator stated that the only way to save Social Security and Medicare is to dismantle them. The right’s agenda is now out in the open for everyone to see.

This agenda must be fought with all our might. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, are the bedrock of the social safety net, which has already been depleted over the years. They save the elderly, the poor, and the sick from having to depend entirely on the whims of HMOs and the stock market. Medicare actually has lower over head than private sector insurance companies.

The notion that they are in trouble is exaggerated. Social Security is doing so well that it’s surplus is used to fund some of the government ‘s general budget. (When, in the 1980s, one senator, Daniel Moynihan of New York, introduced a bill to take Social a Security out of the general budge, BOTH parties threw a fit because they would have been embarrassed by the resulting higher deficit numbers.)  That is the only reason that it’s money appears to be running out. In fact, it’s demise has been predicted for decades but has never happened.  The GOP Social Security and Medicare eliminated because they are terrified they are very soon not going to be able to win elections.

Other ways exist to save these programs. They income threshold for receiving benefits could be decreased. Some of the military’s huge budget could be put into SS and Medicate, especially since we are no longer fighting a country but tracking a few dozen individuals and the military industrial complex secures the funding of some weapons the armed forces do not even want. The budget certainly contains enough “corporate welfare” to save all social programs. Politics is all that stands in the way. Please tell the nefarious Rubio to respect his elders and then oppose him vigorously at every turn.

AMAZON WATCH » Stop Chevron’s Attacks Against the People It Poisoned!

AMAZON WATCH » Stop Chevron’s Attacks Against the People It Poisoned!. This is an important and urgent protection. Chevron is poisoning people in the Amazon. Now that these people and some environmental groups are fighting back, the polluting Oil Company is attempting to use the RICO act to make such actions by indigenous groups and environmental groups illegal. This is beyond outrageous.

The RICO act was enacted to fight racketeering. This legislation was intended punish criminal acts. Applying it to grassroots organization efforts to hold corporations accountable for their actions is a hideous and insidious misuse of the judiciary. This nonsense must be stopped ASAP!

Eviction in Michigan

Moratorium Now! reports that in Jackson, Michigan a “severely disabled” man is being evicted from his home. His name is S. Baxter Jones and he fell behind on his rent while waiting for his Social Security and pension to be processed. His creditors, Wells Fargo and Fannie Mae, are evicting him even though he met with executives of the former and even though his Social Security is now coming through.

This is outrageous! No one should be treated that way! Wells Fargo and Fannie Mae should not be allowed to ignore  a person suffering from serious head trauma and throw him out on the street. Please call these firms at:

  • Fannie Mae Chicago Office: 1-312-368-6200
  • Fannie Mae Mortgage Help Center: 1-866-442-8572
  • Wells Fargo Office of Executive Complaint: 1-800-853-8516

Fannie Mae can also be e-mailed at

Address of Baxter’s home: 8789 Rexford Road, Jackson, MI 49201

Loan #: 025 301 6042

Tell these companies to cease eviction proceedings and work with Baxter to alter his loan terms such that it will be possible for him to stay in his home.