Petition | Allow girls that have participated with a boys team for a full season (when a girls team is not a vailable) to participate in a National qualifying tournament. ·

Bill to keep Tony the Tiger at truck stop fails in Senate via @The_Gambit

Bill to keep Tony the Tiger at truck stop fails in Senate via @The_Gambit.  A cruel owner has kept a tiger in a cage as a roadside attraction. Federal bans keeping such animals. Louisiana legislators have attempted to pass  a bill shamefully giving an exemption to the owner. Fortunately, the bill, which passed in committee, failed in the whole house. The owner’s supporters wil undoubtedly try again, however, so we must be vigilant and keep up the fight until the tiger is safely relocated to a suitable sanctuary.

Don’t let polluters hold back clean energy: Thank You, Tell-a-Friend – NRDC Action Center

Don’t let polluters hold back clean energy: Thank You, Tell-a-Friend – NRDC Action Center. The latest attempt by the a Republican majority in the U.S. house to prop up the fossil fuel industries is to cut the federal outlay for clean energy technologies. It appears that no end their pollution depravity exists. This must stop. Please sign the petition and then let us give the boulders their walking papers in November.

Help spread the word about the “Free Alabama Movement” !

This ia an article dealing with prisons in Alabama on the website of a progressive organization in my father’s birthplace, Mobile, Alabama. It talks about the Free Alabama movement, which attemptd to deal with poor prison conditions nonviolently. The problem is not a new one. Both Democratic and Republican governors have competed with each other to look “tough” on crime. In fact, one democratic was appalling profiling in issuing death warrants. His Republican successor could not top that, so he made prisoners wear old fashioned striped uniforms. (I recall Joan Baez singing the words “raise, raise the prisons to the ground” in the song “Billy Rose”)
As this is going on, African-Americans, despite the fact thy use drugs at the same rate as white, are being impriosoned disproportionately mostly do to drug stops. Most of these stops find nothing and use technicalities like traffic violations as justifiction, making them hard to avoid. Once out of prison these people usually cannot find jobs, and when they do they have a hard time making ends meet. This is compounded by being forced pay some of the costs of their impriosnment. They thus end up back in prison. This vicious cycle and endless repeating loop has become a new Jim Crow regime, as detailed in Michelle Alexander’s book “The New Jim Crow.”
Alabama, in particular, has seemed unwilling to fully leave the past behind in other ways. Voters have twice rejected a proposal to remove segregation language from state law. A sorority at the University of Alabama had to be disciplined for refusing to admit African-Americans. Finally, it’s schools are re-segregating as described in Pro Publication member Nikole Hannah-Jones’s article “Resegregation in the American South”. In Alabama, this includes gerrymandering of school districts like congressional districts are being gerrymandered. Enough is enough. This is NOT freedom. Repression is NOT a way of life.


free alabama movement

A prisoner’s movement is building inside multiple Alabama state prisons. The prisoners have taken up the strategy of non-violence and recording each other on smuggled-in cell phones. The video interviews are being posted on youtube (links below). In the videos, the prisoners speak of deplorable conditions, slave labor, prisons being a continuation of slavery and many candid stories from their lives inside and outside the cement walls of Alabama’s prisons:

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