Today’s ( 6/29) Polls

It is a more cheery than expected Friday. Progressives are still basking in theglow of the Supreme Court decision on health care. Conservatives are acting even more bizarre than usual. Meanwhile, here are today’s presidential tracking polls:

  • All Voters

Rasmussen  :  Obama 45%, Romney 44%, some other candidate 5% (likely voters)

Gallup           :  Obama 48%, Romney 43% (registered voters)

  • Obama Presidential Approval

Rasmussen    :  Approve 49%, Disapprove 49% (likely voters)

Gallup.            :  Approve 47%, Disapprove 46% (registered voters)


Wow! Things are suddenly going well for the president. These would actually have to have been taken before the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act , the bailout deal in Europe, and the surge in the markets afterward. The next few days polls are going to be very interesting.

Supreme Court Ruling in Favor of “Obamacare” a Moderate Step

The Supreme Court the United States upheld the Affordable Care Act by a 5-4 vote today. Surprisingly, the Chief Justice, John Roberts, normally very conservative, was the fifth vote. He even upheld the particularly controversial individual mandate as a tax but not as a  fee. The decision did, however, limit the portion that mandated an expansion of Medicaid to insure some people by holding that states could opt out of such expansion without loss of  the current share of Medicaid.

This victory, while greeted by celebration by many progressives, is but a moderate step on the way to achieving a situation where no one is left without insurance. Much remains to be done. First, we must re-elect President Obama in November and avert Republican control this year and every year thereafter to prevent reversal of gains. Cookie Roberts once said that she had learned that there was no legislative victory that could not be reversed.

Much progress remains to be made, however. The Affordable Care Act brought insurance to millions who could not afford it, but it left many other millions behind. Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC put this number at 26 million. A public option or a single-payer plan could have covered these people but was politically unpalatable, even in the Senate, where Joe Lieberman cast deciding vote against the former measure. This repugnant act earned him the moniker of  “The Senator From Aetna” from some observers. He was not the first from the insurance-company riddled state of Connecticut to be so labeled. Ralph Nader once called former Senator Christopher Dodd the Senator from Aetna.

The reason that the public option failed was that insurance had provided what some said was half the campaign coffers amassed by conservative Democrats in the 2008 election. these votes combined with near unanimous Republican opposition doomed the public option in the Senate by Lieberman’s deciding vote and defeated the house. President Obama and then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi may not have fought hard enough for the public option but they supported it and Pelosi tried to pass it. They got the best bill they could. They are not to blame for the opposition of conservative Democrats and rabid Republicans.

The need for a public option, single-payer system, or some means of universal coverage still exists. Millions of people are still uninsured. At the very least, a public option is needed to provide coverage to the indigent and competition to the semi-monopolistic insurance industry. A single-payer system, the right’s fanatic opposition to the concept notwithstanding, should be considered.

The fanaticism and hypocrisy of that opposition is troubling. They call single-payer “socialism” and the believe the public option is a road to single-payer. But it gets worse than that. One Republican congressperson, Mike Pence, compared yesterday’s Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act  to the attack on 9/11 (he later tried to back of the comment)! The conservative Heartland Institute claimed that President Obama intimidated Chief Justice Roberts like Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez intimidate his country’s Supreme Court! Slick Senator Marco Rubio of Florida actually claimed that the president’s individual mandate was a tax, but the one Romney implemented in Massachusetts was not! Lastly, I saw a picture yesterday of someone holding a cardboard sign with writing that said, and I am not sure of the exact wording, “Can’t afford health care? You should have thought about that before you decided to be poor.” (That is pretty close). DECIDED to be poor? Some people are at least partially to blame for their poverty, but no one CHOOSES to be poor. Not only knee-jerk reaction to government spending on health care, but calumny against the poor.

Today’s (6/28) Polls

It has been a clear day and evening here in the Berkeley of the South now that Tropical Depression Debby is gone and spinning out to sea in the Atlantic. It has been a mixed day with the SCOTUS upholding “Obamacare” and the House of Representatives shamefully finding the AG Eric Holder in contempt. Holding out plenty of hope for the future regardless, here are  the day’s presidential tracking polls:

  • All Voters

Rasmussen  :   Obama  45%, Romney 45% (likely voters)

Gallup           :   Obama  47%, Romney 44% (registered voters)


  • Obama Presidential Approval

Rasmussen   :  Approve 47%, Disapprove 51% (likely voters)

Gallup            :  Approve 46%, Disapprove 46% (registered voters)


These show some improvement for the president; for once Romney is not ahead on either poll. The only downside is 51% disaproval in Rasmussen, where virtually all the difference between that poll and Gallup are once again. Again, also, this begs the question of wheththis the disparity is due to R’s conservative bias  or an anti- Obama tilt on the part of “soft” voters.

Today’s (6/26) Polls

‘Tis another dark and wet day here in Potano’s garden with Tropical Storm Debby approaching, although we saw more rain yesterday. Debby is predicted to make landfall at 8 A.M. tomorrow morning. Almost 7 inches of rain fell yesterday, we are nearing a record for June and, for the first time in a long time, we are above normal rainfall for this time of year. This has alleviate the drocondition high fire risk conditions in much of the state, but I fear it will due little to help Florida’s freshwater shortages, which are well described by Cynthia Barnett in her books.

Meanwhile, on to today’s presidential tracking polls:

  • All Voters

Rasmussen :  Romney 47%, Obama 45%, some other candidate 5% (likely voters)

Gallup.         :  Romney 46%, Obama 45% (registered voters)

  • Obama Presidential Approval

Rasmussen  :  Approve 46%, Disapprove 52% (likely voters)

Obama          :  Approve 48%, Disapprove 46% (registered voters)

The only change is a slight uptick for the President in the Gallup approval poll. Gallup says Mr. Obama is ahead of Romney in all personal characteristics except managing the economy. What???? Romney is better at managing the economy? Obviously too many people have not heard of the Dog Torturer’s vulture adventures at Bain. One more set of numbers from Gallup: 81% think the President is likeable, good. But 64% think Romney is likeable ! Again, “What????”Someone is not paying attention, too many people, in fact.



Update: Tropical Storm Debby is making landfall and is heading straight for The Berkeley of The South. We have been getting heavy rain for over two hours so far, but not much wind other than a few gusts.

Today’s (6/25) Polls

We have another dark and rainy evening here in the Berkeley of the South. Tropical Storm Dotty is taking its sweet time in the Gulf of Mexico and the Supreme Court is taking its sweet time on its “Obamacare” decision after striking down 3/4 of  SB170 but upholding the search provision. Arizona is still the Show Me Your Papers State. Meanwhile, here are the presidential tracking polls for today:

  • All Voters

Rasmussen   :    Romney 47%, Obama 45% (likely voters)

Gallup            :    Romney 46%, Obama 45% (registered voters)

  • Obama Presidential Opinion

Rasmussen    :    Approve 46%, Disapprove 52% (likely voters)

Gallup             :    Approve 47%, Disapprove 48% (registered voters)

  • Generic Congressional Ballot

Rasmussen     :    Republican 44%, Democrat 39% (likely voters)


What a difference a day makes. The president plummeted on the Gallup approval.  The rce chnged little, though. The Democrats gained a little ground on the generic ballot, but still trail. The beat goes on.

Today’s (6/24) Polls

It is indeed a dark and rainy Sunday afternoon here in Potano’s garden as Tropical Storm Debby approaches. Amid a steady downpour that has lasted all afternoon, here are today’s presidential tracking polls:

  • All Voters

Rasmussen :  Romney 48%, Obama    43%, some other candidate 5% (likely voters)

Gallup.         :  Obama   46%, Romney 46% (registered voters)

  • Obama Presidential Opinion

Rasmussen :  Approve 44%,  Disapprove 54% (likely voters)

Gallup.         :  Approve. 51%,  Disapprove 45% (registered voters)

Wow! Gallup registers a five-point jump in approval for the President. The poll is three-day , so that means subtracting Wednesday and adding Saturday caused the jump. Interestingly, Gallup’s job creation index also rose five points. Is this a co-incidence? Is the explanation for Mr. Obama’ rise that simple?

Another question is whether the difference between Rasmussen and Gallup is due to more Republicans planning to turn out or the former poll’s conservative bias. In fact, Rasmussen’s likely voter sample would be severely conservatively biased if they used 2010 turnout as a starting point. One way or the other, we will not know for sure until the other polls  switch to likely voter samples.

Today’s (6/23) Polls

On the 40th anniversary of Title IX, here are today’s presidential tracking polls:

  • All Voters

Rasmussen :  Romney 48%,   Obama 43%,  some other candidate 6% (likely voters)

Gallup.         :  Obama 46%,   Romney 46%. (registered voters)

  • Obama Presidential Approval

Rasmussen  :   Approve  44%,  Disapprove 54%  (likely voters)

Gallup.          :   Approve  46%,  Disapprove 46%  (registered voters)

We now have the president treading water in the Rasmussen poll, but once again ding better in Gallup, at least something positive. Another two months left till we have to find a way to get through the Republican convention. What a summer.

Today’s (6/22) Polls

The sky was overcast all day here in the Berkeley of the South. That is actually nice; it cools things off. No rain fell today, though. We are still below normal in rainfall for the year. Drought has been the rule for decades. Wells in Miami were ruined by salt-water intrusion as far back as the eighties. Cedar Key, on the north-central gulf coast southwest of here just lost their fresh water. The water situation in this state is not good. Ironically, we have had normal rainfall the past two months ( May and so far in June). Consequently, the foliage looks as good as I have ever seen it in summer. Well, on that more cheerful note, on to the presidential tracking polls for the day:

  • All Voters

Rasmussen :  Romney 48%, Obama 43%, some other candidate 6% (likely voters)

Gallup          :  Romney 46%, Obama 45%, (registered voters)

  • Obama Presidential Approval

Rasmussen  :  Approve 44%, Disapprove 54% (likely voters)

Gallup           :  Approve 45%, Disapprove 48% (registered voters)

Interesting.. On both the race and the approval, the president sank on Rasmussen and improved on Gallup. There is the Rasmussen conservative bias, and given that poll is likely voters, also a possible indication that the DREAM Act implementation is firing up right-wingers. Other polls show Romney’s support increasing among white voters and Obama getting less white vote than in 2008. His share of the Latino vote in battleground states has risen, however, and Romney’s ludicrous speech to a Latino group probably won’t change that. This creep has campaigned hard against “illegal” immigration for years but tells the Latino audience that they deserve better than the president’s admittedly last-minute edict. Then he says he will replace the edict with permanent action without specifying such. No wonder he wants undocumented immigrants out of the country: he thinks Latinos are stupid. He is certainly going to be sorely disappointed in November!

Today’s (6/21) Polls

Today has been permeated with bad news: Stock plunges, Bernanke, bank credit downgrade, Issa holding the AG in contempt. The only good news is that the Senate voted down a pernicious anti-EPA bill put forward by extremist Republican Senator Imhof of Oklahoma. On thar mixed note, here are today’s presidential tracking polls:

  • All Voters

Rasmussen :  Romney 47%,  Obama 43%, some other candidate 5% (likely voters)

Gallup          :  Romney 47%,  Obama  45% (registered voters)

  • Obama Presidential Approval

Rasmussen  :  Approve 47%, Disapprove 52%. (likely voters)

Gallup.          :  Approve 43%, Disapprove 49% (registered voters)

Not surprisingly, the president is sinking in some of these results. Although his approval dropped in Gallup, his standing against Romney in Gallup did not decline. Theoverall situation is getting worse, though. The very effective ads the Obama campaign hasbeen airing against Romney in some states (such as this one) are being overshadowed by economic developments and Issa’s ravings. I can understand people frustrated by the bad economy wanting to think Romney can do better, but we mustwake them up. Remember, victories like the EPA senate vote yesterday and the president’s implementation of the Dream Act will be meaningless and, in fact, reversed if the Dog Torturer becomes president in January!