ALEC: Church activists are hurting us. Make them stop

The notorious right-wing organization ALEC has been feeling the heat! Much of it has been coming from Unitarian-Univetsalists! This is a continuance of the long UU and Unitarian tradition of activism.

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ALECvUUThe conservative political Goliath known as ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) may have met its David in the guise of Unitarian-Universalists and other progressives. ALEC has been wounded not with a sling and stone, but knowledge and organized financial pressure on its corporate backers.

On October 17, ALEC sent a fundraising  email to its members and supporters that starts off:

“Professional activists ranging from Common Cause to the Unitarian Universalist Church just won’t stop. As part of their misleading smear campaign, these activist groups demand members stop working with ALEC.”

It sounds, almost, unfair. “Professional activists” picking on poor ALEC.

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The emMs./em Voting Guide for College Students

The emMs./em Voting Guide for College Students. – it is time to vote, people! the election is only eight(8) days away. The “GOP” currently has the edge in the race for control of the U.S. Senate. If you thought filibusters were bad, a Republican takeover would be a nightmare! So VOTE! Anyone outside the”GOP” and the Tea Party who does not vote is going to be sorry come January.

Indegenous Peoples Day

Today is Columbus Day Indigenous Peoples Day. This is a day to reflect on the history of this continent. It is a time to reflect on how an Italian a Spanish explorer named Christopher Columbus Cristobal Colon set sail westward expecting, based on a flawed notion that the a Earth is smaller than it was already known to be, to reach China, stumbled upon an entirely different continental unknown to Europe and never knew that it was NOT Asia; how he wrote in his diary that the people he met would make good slaves and took three back with him; how he and his Spanish brethren brutally subject the peoples of the southern part of the new continent; how Europeans brutally displaced the people’s of the entire continent; how millions were wiped out by diseases brought by the Europeans; how the rebellions by the dispossesed people’s were always put down and only the white colonists succeeded in getting indepence from the various European countries; how people who inhabited the continent for millennia before the Europeans were forced onto the worst land and have, in many cases, seen their burial grounds desecrated.

It is, in short, a story of invasion of a new land and building a new civilization by destroying the existing civilization, The story of injustice. This injustice has not been fully acknowledged or atoned for. Instead it. is mostly celebrated. Is it not time that this changed? This is a great country in many ways, but we should see it as it is. As a  product of imperialism and conquest (which was not necessary) which turned into something better; As a democracy that started as the rebellion of American elites and some middle class individuals English elites that evolved from a society where only male property owners could to a more diverse democracy that is still a work in progress.

That is the best way to describe this country, a work in progress, a pioneering work in progress to be sure, since it was the first modern democracy. It is still, however, a work in progress, exploring the possibilities of representative government, but a work in progress cannot get where it needs to go if the build do know where it came from. We must admit where came from and to achieve our potential. That starts with rectifying the injustice due to the original inhabitants of this land.

U.S. Supreme Court blocks Wisconsin Voter I.D. Law.s

Great News! the U.S. Supreme Court has  blocked Wisconsin’s deleterious voter I.D. Law from being implemented before the November 4 election. A great hurdle has been removed from some voters in that state. In fact, according to “The Grio”, a study by the Government Accountability office that came out today shows that states  that “stiffened” their voter I.D. laws reaped lower voter turnouts “with disproportionate effects on blacks and younger people.”

This is a great victory. This decision is the first step in removing unnecessary and unfair voting restrictings once and for all.

More good news: Crew of 42″ reports that a federal district judge has struck down Texas’ voter ID law. He ruled that it “amounted to an unconstitutional poll tax.”

Voting in Your State – Nonprofit Vote

Voting in Your State – Nonprofit Vote. – The deadline for registering to vote in the Nov. 4 election in 13 states, includongFlorida, is in less than two hours. Let’s go, people. Here are some more helpful online voting sites: I,, and

Afteerward, we must all turn out to prevent the “GOP” from taking control of the U.S. Senate and that party’s rogue governors from gaining four more years to wreak havoc.