Stop fast track for the TPP

This is a link to a page advocating action against the TPP trade treaty. Legislation granting fast-track authority for the misguided pact is to be introduced next week. That means that time is dwindling to put pressure on Congress to reject it.




Rubio Advocates Dismantling Social Security and Medicare. Marco Rubio has unmasked himself and unmasked his fellow Republicans in the process. At the same event that he announced his candidacy for president, the Florida senator stated that the only way to save Social Security and Medicare is to dismantle them. The right’s agenda is now out in the open for everyone to see.

This agenda must be fought with all our might. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, are the bedrock of the social safety net, which has already been depleted over the years. They save the elderly, the poor, and the sick from having to depend entirely on the whims of HMOs and the stock market. Medicare actually has lower over head than private sector insurance companies.

The notion that they are in trouble is exaggerated. Social Security is doing so well that it’s surplus is used to fund some of the government ‘s general budget. (When, in the 1980s, one senator, Daniel Moynihan of New York, introduced a bill to take Social a Security out of the general budge, BOTH parties threw a fit because they would have been embarrassed by the resulting higher deficit numbers.)  That is the only reason that it’s money appears to be running out. In fact, it’s demise has been predicted for decades but has never happened.  The GOP Social Security and Medicare eliminated because they are terrified they are very soon not going to be able to win elections.

Other ways exist to save these programs. They income threshold for receiving benefits could be decreased. Some of the military’s huge budget could be put into SS and Medicate, especially since we are no longer fighting a country but tracking a few dozen individuals and the military industrial complex secures the funding of some weapons the armed forces do not even want. The budget certainly contains enough “corporate welfare” to save all social programs. Politics is all that stands in the way. Please tell the nefarious Rubio to respect his elders and then oppose him vigorously at every turn.

Krugman Misses the TPP Forest for the Tariff Trees | Food & Water Watch

Krugman Misses the TPP Forest for the Tariff Trees | Food & Water Watch. This article discusses the horror of the potential TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) agreement, which, by “harmonization”, threatens to lower a host of standards among signatory countries. Moreover, the details are being kept secret, and may still be when and if it is voted on. We cannot allow our leaders to ram any treaty, especially one as dangerous as TPP, down our throats. The Trans Pacific a Partnership must be stopped.

Enough is Definitely Enough

This time Republicans have gone too far. This latest outrage must be the last. Shutting the government down unless they get their way is not only abominable, it is childish. Those big babies do not deserve their seats in congress. We must all rise up and remedy this appalling situation now and for all time.

First, we put the pressure on the right-wing fools who got us into this mess. Send them tons of  petitions, e-mail, and tweets demanding that they end the shutdown until they comply or vomit their last meal, which ever comes first. I, for one, will send at least one email each day.

Secondly, we do everything we can to lay these clowns off the way they have caused federal workers, and perhaps some in the private sector, to be laid off.  Support their opponents. Make the shutdown artists sweat buckets and perhaps defeat some of them.

Third, we must end once and for all the system of gerrymandering that has allowed the GOP to etch  a majority for their party in the U.S. House of Representatives into the landscape. In particular we must end the practice of politicians drawing district lines at all levels of government. We must create and fight for alternatives. A panel of judges and/or academics is one possibility.

Finally, we must end the dominance of money in our, and it should be ours, political system. Redoubling the effort to repeal the wretched SCOTUS decision in the Citizens United case is urgent. That is just the beginning. We must restore the finance reform laws that said court has been gutting for 39 years and then go further: full disclosure by both candidates and contributors, limits on corporate contributions, no corporate contributions without the approval of the stockholders, stricter limits on lobbying, among other things. We must be relent less about this from now on. The time has come to sweep the halls of government clean.

House and Senate Republicans Are Holding the Economy Hostage -It Must Be Rescued

The Republican Party is showing that it will go to any lengths to win an election. They are actually holding the country’s economy hostage to defeat President Obama this November, their leaders having stated repeatedly that the latter is their top priority. They have blocked most of his agenda. They have blocked his appointments to the Fed that they have not had a quorum with which to take action. During the last year congressional Republicans have repeatedly, with considerable hostility, warned  Fed Chairman Bernanke against intevening. They have colossal gall.

Further, they have crated uncertainties which have stalled growth. First was the debate over health. When Obamacare was passed, albeit without a public option, and the uncertainty appeared to be over, a group of Republican state Attorneys General filed a lawsuit claiming the legislation was unconstitutional. This suit kept the uncertainty and forestalled hiring, thereby winning the 2010 election for the GOP.

After the election, the GOP was delivered presents by the rise in demand in China which fueled a rise in oil prices, and then by the debt crisis in Europe. Increase in oil production by OPEC have lowered oil prices. Efforts to save the Euro have tempered anxiety over the European economy.

The specter of  another debt limit crisis has the uncertainty back at full bloom, however. The Republicans are displaying their usual intransigence. They refuse to consider a revenue increase, (can’t anger Grover, can we?) but the GOP-controlled house passed a tax  cut bill for the rich which, by some accounts, would raise taxes on those in the lowest tax brackets. They still insist on budget cuts which would hurt the economy. They are holding the debt limit deadline over this country like a Sword of Damocles which is bringing the fragile economy to a halt, all in the name of defeating Obama. He must terrify them.

We cannot allow one party to sabotage our economy. We can also not allow the President to be turned out of office because of an economic situation that is frankly not his fault. We must do everything in our power to stop this. Write to your congress people and senators. Pressure Republicans to relent, spur Democrats to action. Make conservative Democrats act like Democrats.  We must turn this deplorable situation around.

Obama Spending Binge A Myth

More on this later, but a columnist for the conservative Wall Street Journal has asserted the obvious: that the Obama spending binge that the right alludes to is a myth. Spending has actually risen very little during the current administration. This of  course will not penetrate the fantasy world conservatives live in.