Immigration Raids

Tips posted on Facebook by Onelia Hawa:

If you witness an immigration raid, arrest or related activity:
1. Take a picture or a video (not the people being targeted) while ensuring your safety and safety of others around you.
2. Take note exact date, time and location
3. Take note of the type of law enforcement agency, vehicles and activities
4. Share on social media with the above details.
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Happy New Year! Here’s to a great 2015! | MoveOn.Org | Democracy In Action

Here’s to a great 2015! | MoveOn.Org | Democracy In Action. – Happy New Year! Finally emerging from the long year that was 2014 feels wonderful! Things were still accomplished, though. In this video Robert Reich shows that even in the dark days of a year like 2014 progressives working together made strides. This should remind us be undaunted by setbacks and energize us to keep our heads up and make even more progress this year! Despite the “GOP” takeover of the U.S. Senate (and gain of governorships) 2015 can be a great year

Obama Implements DREAM Act

President Obama announcing today that he is giving immunity to children of undocumented immigrants who qualify under the DREAM Act. This legislation, pending in congress but currently blocked by Republicans, would allow undocumented children who have been in this country at least five years and are going to schools a path to citizenship. The President’s action effective implements this legislation.

This action is long overdue. This legislation should have passed. Children who have lived the bulk of their lives in this country deserve a chance at citizenship, should not be forced to return to a country they barely remember, if at all. They do notdesrerve to be penalized for the purported “crimes” of their parents, which are actually CIVIL offenses, either. These civil offenders, which conservatives expend as much energy as they can calling “illegal”, are, after all, here because they could not afford tthrough rough the difficult immigration process. Would they swim across rivers, crawl though tunnels,walk through tunnels, or put themselves in the hands of smugglers if they could afford not to? Only in the imagination of ant-immigrant zealots.

It is time for some sanity in our immigration process. The president has finally injected a smattering of it. Cheers to him and the people who put pressure on him to make history. Let’s all be sure to thank him.