“GOP” Clownfest has started

The Republcan National Convention started today. From the attempt to reject a rules change to the bigoted leader of “Duck Dynasty” starting off the night session, this gathering seems more like a national Clown Convention.

Session One of this Convention has been a combination of sabre-rattling and demonizing people of color. Jeff Sessions, the extremist senator from Alabama, just delivered a demented tirade on immigration. The crooked Rudy Giuliani has just taken the podium. All this talk of keeping America safe with no explanation of how, just slogans. Giuliani just  asked what happened to America. Answer: NOTHING happened to America, it is just ceasing to be controlled by white conservatives. No wonder he thinks Trump has a big heart.

This  is the scariest Republican Convention in my lifetime, and that is saying something: the 1992 convention was a scary Buchanan fest and at 18 the rhetoric and platform of the 1980 convention that nominated Reagan for the first time made me sick to my stomach.

Guiliani is now exciting the crowd with one of the most idiotic speeches ever given. (does anyone in the building know that one of the Benghazi terrorists said that he was mtivated by the Terry Jones video?) They are going hard after Clinton because they know Trump cannot win unless she is hated. They regurgitate slogans because they have no solutions, only hot air.