Trans Rights are Human Rights

I join the revulsion in response to Trump’s ludicrous ban of transsexuals from military service.  They deserve better. People who want to serve this country should not be prevented from doing so because one day they realized that they were a differ gender inside from the one they were on the outside. They are human beings and have human rights.

Thec alleged expense of transition is used as an excuse for this denial of human rights. Such expenses would surely be less than the expenses incurred treating soldiers’ injuries.  Additionally, many trans people will have completed their sex changes by the time they enlist. They will still be taking harmone pills, but if they are to be excluded for that, does that mean all soldiers taking medication should be excluded? Utter nonsense!


Many trans serve and have served. They even have their own veterans organization, the Transsexual American Veterans Association, whose website I have already posted on this blog. Can anyone deny that they have contributed to their services?


Trump’s transsexual ban is a bigoted mistake and a cheap political stunt to pander to  the Republican base and possibly to distract from the train wreck that is his administration. It is a violation of  common sense and of decency. It is unamerican.  This country was founded on a shared be.ief that human beings had “inalienable rights.”  None are more important than HUMAN rights and trans rights are human rights.