TAKE ACTION! Tell Scott Walker to Stop the Fraud

TAKE ACTION! Tell Scott Walker to Stop the Fraud. The Wisconsin legislature, in an another of the GOP’s actions to repress voting, has passed Senate Bill 324. This insidious measure reduces the period for early vote ring. It MUST be stopped! Please sign this petition asking Gov. Scott Walker to veto the odious legislation. Obviously as many signatures as possible are needed. The Republican voter suppression train must be stopped in its tracks!

Today is Election Day!

Today is election day in some places. Here in Gainesville, Florida, three city commission seats, two district (2 & 3), and one at large are being contested. In district 3, the incumbent Susan Bottcher is being challenged by Craig Carter. I voted for and endorse Bottcher. Craig Carter appears to a right-wing developer candidate. On his website, he makes the stale one-sided complaint about burdensome regulations. Further, upon googling, one can find an appeal for votes for Carter on the Tea Party web site.

In district 2,  Republican and  incumbent Todd Chase, who has received contributions from several conservatives ( Susan Baird, former commissioners Tony Domenech and Rick Bryant) as well as from the president of the Gainesville Tea Party, faces two challengers, Cheri Brodeur, a Republican and Cheryl Eddie, a Democrat. I do not live in District 2, but I recommend voting for Eddie, who has worked for the local Early Learning Council

In at-large district 2, four candiates vie. Annie Orlando is a develper-oriented candidate who is being endorsed by some enivironments solely due to opposition to the planned biomass plant. I do not think it is advisable to elected a conservative developer candidate just to stop a biomass plant. Therefore, I recommend voting either for Mark Ventzke or Helen K. Warren, who as endorsements from many progressives and whom I voted for.

Com. of Ed. Pam Stewart publicly bullied the mom of a disabled child who died, Ethan Rediske. FIRE STEWART.

Outrageous behavior by Florida’s Education Commissioner (appointed by our rogue governor). She forced a dying disabled child to take the FCAT, then accused his mother of politicizing his death for speaking out. This bullying warrants dismissal. Pam Stewart must be fired! Also, the legislature should pass the Ethan Rediske Act to prevent such cruelty in the future.

Reclaim Reform

FL Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart has publicly bullied the mother of a disabled child, Ethan Rediske, who died a month ago. Stewart was appointed: she must be fired.

Pam Stewart2

Stewart is blaming the victim, a common propaganda ploy. She is also wasting taxpayer money by mailing her attack letters to public employees throughout the state. Stewart is blaming the mom, Andrea, for politicizing the death of her child. Since republicans, democrats, conservatives and liberals all oppose the FCAT high stakes state mandated testing, this fanatical attack is Stewart’s own attempt to politicize the topic, again a common propaganda technique of reversal. This is NOT political. She must be fired.

As a matter of fact, the present FCAT high stakes state mandated tests are being abandoned and are being replaced in 2015. (Fact: Ethan and his family were subjected to pressures to force high stakes testing and prep on…

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The Return of the Equal Rights Amendment

Today is March 1, the beginning of a Women’s a History Month. That history has been a long fight for equality and respect, a struggle that is still very much a work in progress. Much has been achieved, but a great deal more remains to be done before that equality is achieved.

One effort to achieve such equality was the Equal Rights Amendment, written by Alice Paul, the leader of the suffrage movement. It was introduced in Congress in 1923, but did not pass in both chambers until 1972. The measure  was ratified by only 35 of the required 38 states by the time the  congressionally-imposed deadline passed in 1982.

Hold in to your hats people! It’s baaaaaaaaaaack! It has risen from the graves to strike terror into the hearts of conservatives once again. Yes, the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) has returned. A new effort toward ratification is underway. a petition asking President Obama to support it got 33,107 signatures. On Feb. 14, the Virginia Senate passed a bill to ratify it.  Momentum is building once again.