Lunar Eclipse Monday!

A lunar eclipse will occur on Monday. A lunar eclipse happens when the  moon passes through the earth’s shadow. The darkened moon will appear reddish due to light from sunsets around the edge of the earth. The effect is quite spectacular. Don’t miss it!

Today’s (5/31) Presidential Tracking Polls

Here are today’s presidential tracking polls:

All Voters

Rasmussen : Romney 46%, Obama   45% (likely voters)

Gallup.        :  Obama. 47%,  Romney 44% (registered voters)

Obama Presidential Approval

Ramussen : Approve 49%, Disapprove 50%

Gallup.       : Approve 47%, Disapprove 45%


According to Rasmussen, Romney leads 53% to 38% among men and the president leads 52% to 41% among women. So much for women rallying to the Dog Torturer.

Two New Recall Polls Out Yesterday

Now the reason a number of mysterious Walker supporters are apparently frightened enough to resorted to dirty tricks: two new polls.The first is from Marquette University. Taken May 23-26, it has the Union Buster up 52-45, similar to the 50-44 margin registered a week earlier. This result is suspect, though, for three reasons:

  1. It is an outlier. Most other polls have the race much closer.

        2.It shows support for Walker’s policies that is too high to be believed.

        3.The sample used is one of “likely voters”. The problem is that before registered voters are asked whether they intend to vote they are usually selected on the basis of voting record. Whether they  voted in the last election is usually given high weight.Thus the 2010 election, in which turnout for Republicans was much higher than for Democrats, and that for conservatives higher than for moderates and liberals, probably shapes likely voter samples in this race.

The Marquette Poll also shows an eight-point lead for President Obama but the sample is likely different; for the presidential election they may give more weight to turnout in the last presidential year, 2008.

The other poll is from prominent Democratic pollster Celinda Lake. It has the recall tied at 49 apiece. Even though Lake, who has her own firm, can be attributed an obvious bias, her result is more reliable than that of the Marquette for another three reasons:

  1. It is consistent with most of the other polls of the recall, which show the race tightening.
  2. It was taken May 24-28, so more of the people in the sampare we’re question after the May 25 debate than in the Marquette Poll, which as noted above was taken May 23-26.
  3. The Lake poll is also a likely voter poll, so that bias may cancel out her firm’s bias in favor of  Democrats.

It is also interesting to note that although the Marquette poll has the Union Buster ahead among independents, the Lake Poll shows a move to Barrett within that group, with him now ahead. Make no mistake though, this is still very much an uphill battle.

Pro-Walker Group Jamming Barrett’s Phones

The last-ditch desperation campaign to keep Machiavellian governor Scott Walker in office has begun. A mysterious e-mail urged recipients to call the Tom Barrett campaign and gave the number. The resulting flood of calls jammed the campaign’s phone lines. According to, which posted two screen grabs of the message, it read:

Union Puppet Tom Barrett is a Union Puppet who will give Union Thugs everything they want. Call and ask why 404-271-8050

The number cited belongs to Barrett campaign headquarters.The resulting calls shut down phones there. This is despicable. This has echoes of what was done to the Jeanne campaign senate campaigns phones in 2002. Apparently some of Walker’s supporters do not want to let him lose fairly.

Today’s (5/30) Polls

Here are today’s presidential tracking polls:



Rasmussen:  Obama 45%, Romney 45%. (likely voters)

Gallup:           Obama 46%, Romney 45%



Rasmussen:   Obama  42%, Romney  (likely voters)

Obama Presidential Approval:


Rasmussen:    Approve  49%,  Disapprove 49%  (likely voters)

Gallup:            Approve. 47%,   Disapprove 46%



Vote in the election and the president’s approval seem to be very similar. We also do not seem to have much of a turnout gap, if any, right now. The president’s admittedly insignificant lead overr Romney independents, who as a group are more weighted toward the right than the general population, is a good sign.






Obama Presidential Appoval

Recall Tunout Could Be Highest For Governor In 50 Years

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported this afternoon that the state elections offices in Wisconsin have released projections that turnout in the recall elections could be the highest in five decades. The prediction is for 60% – 65% of  citizens of voting age to vote.This is between the 69.2% figure in the presidential election year of 2008 and 2010’s 49.2% showing, but from slightly to significantly closer to  four years ago. This is indeed an encouraging development.

Recall One Week Away, Barrett campaigns with Feingold

With one week left until the recall of rogue governor Scott Walker, Democratic nominee Tom Barrett is campaigning in four cities with former senator and Progressives United founder Russ Feingold( It is past time that Barrett began to counter the star power the Union Buster has brought in.), according to WisPolitics.  The stops are the beginning of what the Milwaukee mayor calls the “Wisconsin First” tour. Meanwhile, also  according to WisPolitics, Walker raked in another figure contribution.