Voting in Your State – Nonprofit Vote

Voting in Your State – Nonprofit Vote. – this a link to a site where you can click on a state and look up your voting procedures. It is time to register and vote, people! Election Day is exactly five(5) weeks away! Early voting has started in some states. In Florida, six(6) days are now left until the early voting deadline!

Much is at stake! Republican rogue Governors who used low turnout to sneak in during 2010 are up for re-election in six states: Florida (Scott), Maine (Le Page), Michigan (Snyder), Ohio(Kasich), Pennsylvania(Wisconsin), and Wisconsin(Walker). Turnout is needed to beat these fiends, especially in Wisconsin, where an injunction against the deleterious voter I.D. law has been voided, and Ohio, where early voting has been halted by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Additionly, close races are occurring in a number of seats in the Senate, where six pickups would give the control of the U.S. Senate to the “GOP”  and make Darth Dark Money (Mitch McConnell) Majority Leader if he is re-elected. Kentuckians, you must get out and vote Alison Lundergan Grimes to victory over him! Other close races are:

Bruce Braley (D) against nutty Republican Jodi Ernst in Iowa;

Mark Begich (D), who scored 90% on the Progressive Punch up to a year ago, fighting for re-election in Alaska;

Mark Pryor(D) against the extreme Tom Cotton in Arkansas;

Mary Landrieu (D) fighting for re-election in Louisiana;

Kay Hagan (D) fighting for re-election against an extreme Republican in North Carolina;

Mark UdAll (D) fighting for re-election in Colorado;


Democrats chances in the House are slim, but we must fight for every seat we can. If we do, we might put a scare into Darth Vainer (Speaker Boehner) and company. In particular, our extreme Congressperson Theodore “Ted” Yoho here in Florida District 3 is being challenged by Maryhelen Wheeler. She is so progressive that not only does this blog endorse her, the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) have endorsed. Let’s get out there and register and vote, people!

TAKE ACTION! Tell Scott Walker to Stop the Fraud

TAKE ACTION! Tell Scott Walker to Stop the Fraud. The Wisconsin legislature, in an another of the GOP’s actions to repress voting, has passed Senate Bill 324. This insidious measure reduces the period for early vote ring. It MUST be stopped! Please sign this petition asking Gov. Scott Walker to veto the odious legislation. Obviously as many signatures as possible are needed. The Republican voter suppression train must be stopped in its tracks!

Rogue Governor Wins In Wisconsin, but Democrats take over the State Senate

For awhile, things seemed to be going well yesterday. Turnout was reported to huge everywhere in Wisconsin, approached 100%. True, turnout was huge in conservative areas, but some of that uptick could have been from the liberal/progressive minority in those counties. Liberal counties such as  Dane (Madison) and Milwaukee were reporting large turnout as well. The first exit polls had the race at dead even, 50% apiece. Very exciting.Then the roof fell in. The exit polls were adjusted to 52% -48% Walker. So much for dead even. Then, at 11p.m. EDT, a scant two hours after the polls closed, MSNBC projected Walker would win. Why would they do this so early? Close races are not projected until late. Also, the large early margins for Walker indicated that Barrett strongholds hado not come yet. So what was going on?

Well, the problem was that while the Democratic strongholds of Dane (Madison), Racine, and Milwaukee counties had, for the most part not come in yet and most of they results were from pro-Walker counties, the rogue governor was running ahead of his 2010 showing almost everywhere that was reporting everything. This, considering that Barrett had to do better than HE did in 2010, made it hard to see how he could win. He did not concede, however. A member of his campaign pointed out that voting was still going on Racine and Milwaukee and expressed confidence that when they came in Barrett would win.

Barrett was forced to concede, however, when results trickling in from those places did not reduce Walker’s margin enough.  We now had a disaster.   Turnout was high and Walker was winning soundly anyway. Three of the four Republican state senators who were also facing recall had won and the fourth was ahead. The media were already proclaiming that this victory would embolden Republicans. Mitt Romney was triumphantly congratulating the Union Buster. Total wipeout, right.

Not so fast. As the progressive strongholds came in, Walker’s margin shrunk to seven points. This is not so impressive at all. it is only one point off the adjusted exit poll.The one point could be accounted for by Barrett voters leaving voting lines father the polls closed. One would expect this because they tend to be poorer than Walkers voters and thus less able to spare timelines stand in line. Also, polls have shown the rogue governor’s supporter to be more enthusiastic about voting. Early projections for Walker probably caused even more voters to head home. This is possibly one reason the Barrett camping held of conceding: to keep people in the lines.

Enough people did stay in line that when Racine came in, one

Republican was recalled. The added votes gave John Lehman a late one percentage point victory over Van Wanggaard, who had been leading all night. Lehman claimed victory, but Wanggaard has thus far refused to concede. This gives Democrats control of the state senate, but they wil have to defend their new majority in the November elections before the body will meet again.

Further, a look at the exit polls dimms the significance of the failure to recall Walker. A graph published in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel showed that Walker’s performance among  all ethnic groups was practically identical to 2010. In other words the  rematch yielded the same result except with turnout favoring the Union Buster even more.

The turnout , which was trumpeted on election day as being through the roof , was only 57%. Higher than 2010 but below 2008 and even below the projected turnout (60% -65%). So turnout was much higher than 2010 and pro-Walker turnout increased more than pro-Barrett turnout. This is what happens when the Good Guys are outspent 10 to one. This is what happens when the incumbent spends his time in office pandering to his base while the challenger’s base is not enthusiastic about him. This is what happens when the incumbent NEVER stops campaigning. All these things contribute to higher turnout. While it is true, as DNC chair  Debbie Wasserman-Schultz pointed out, that Walker’s huge ad advantage trumped the recall advocates’ ground game, but she and other Democrats do not  seem to understand the role of enthusiasm.People turn out when they are enthusiastic about their candidate. If they are ambivalent some will not vote even if they hate her/his opponent. This is what has happened to Tom Barrett twice in two years.

The most striking result in the exit polls is the 54 – 42 lead President Obama has over Mitt Romney. Obviously turnout is not the only story here. Incredibly, at least 7 of the 54%voted indicated they would vote for the president voted for Walker. How is this possible? The majority sentiment in Wisconsin is apparently pro-imcumbent. People there feel good about the economy and it rubs off on Walker ( While he started off unpopular, he became popular in the state about the same time Obama did. ) . This might explain why working-class men,especially those not in a union, voted for Walker, the other possibility being machismo. After all the Union Buster won 58% of the male vote but only 45% of the female vote.

One other result from exit polls stands out, and it is devastating. By a 52% to 47% margin, voters favored the measure taking bargaining rights from state workers. Our side lost the argument. This is because Walker and the allies focused on the fact that public sector workers have higher benefits than private sector workers (perhaps because they make less money than private sector workers at the same jobs) and argued that restoring the former’s bargaining rights would cause the deficit to explode. The Union Buster’s opponents could not effectively counter these lies because they were outspent 10 to 1.

This is the situation that progressives and advocates of social justice find themselves in. Public sector and private sector unions united against Walker but this was not enough because too few workers are unionized.Non-union workers and the middle class bought the Union Buster’s lies. Greens and Democrats must join forces to oppose the rights attack on public sector workers. We must make it clear that public sector workers are not privileged, are hard-working, and are not threats to balloon the deficit. We also must do away with Citizens United and the Electoral College. We must have campaign finance reform and the runoff so that we can vote for the Greens in the first round and Democrats in the second. We have must stop this move to oligarchy now!

Milwaukee Voting Information (Turnout is Very High, Keep It Up!)

Hi, I am still at the Civic Media Center. Daily Kos is reporting that turnout is through the roof in Wisconsin so far,including Milwaukee.  It might reach 80 – 88%!!!!! I thought I’d post  links for those in Milwaukee trying to find out how to vote:

Go people! Recall Walker!!!!!!!

Hello from the Civic Media Center

I am blogging from the Civic Media Center in downtown Gainesville, Florida. We are generally very liberal here in Potano’s Garden, also known as the Berkeley of the south. I am facing the window and can see light traffic. Someone just walked in. A “Justice for Trayvon” sign is displayed in the window. That tragedy occurred only approximately 200 miles from here, and will be addressed in this blog later. The big news going on today is obviously the recall election going on in Wisconsin. One can’t sense the excitement going on up there from down here, but is exciting to be in a progressive institution for alternative viewpoints on a historic day such as this. The other big news is the transit of Venus across the sun, which from the looks of thing will be difficult to see here. The sky is cloudy and the forecast is for a chance of an afternoon shower. I guess people down here will have to watch it online. One last word: good luck to all of you in Wisconsin working to recall the rogue governor Scott Walker.

Petition Signers Still Must Vote Tomorrow

According to the Barrett for Governor campaign, people who signed the petition to recall rogue Wisconsin governor Scott Walker have received telephone calls from Walker allies telling them that they need not vote tomorrow. If this is true, Walker and/or his allies have sunk to a new low. Furthermore, the substance of the calls is obviously untrue. Those who signed recall petitions must still vote tomorrow to have their vote counted if they have not already voted absentee or early. Wisconsin recall supporters, do not let anyone or anything stop you from voting!!!!!!!!

Polls Confirm Wisconsin Recall Will Be Close

Two new polls show the recall race continues to be close. PPP has a new poll out that has Walker leading 50% – 47%. They say this is because his supporters are more enthusiastic about voting. This is probably because Walker’s panders have made right-wingers crazy about him whereas some on the left are ambivalent about Barrett. The latter has positioned himself as more or less a moderate and he certainly was not the unions’ first choice in the primary. PPP also says that Barrett is up 50% – 49% if turnout matches that in 2008.

Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Courier reports that Democratic pollster Fred Wang has released a poll that shows the race tied among those who say they are 100% likely to vote. Thus, this publication is correct in predicting the African-American turnout will decided the race. Turnout in general will determine this race. In fact, the Republicans are so scared that the Republican Governors’ association is making an over 1$ million ad buy, reportedly to counter the Democrats allegedly superior GOTV. This is indeed going to be close, so you Wisconsin registered voters out there who are against Walker, get out and VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Darth Insidious MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!