Vote for Craig Lowe

We have a very important election coming up in the Berkeley of the South Tuesday April 16. Our progressive Mayor Craig Lowe is in a runoff against right-wing extremist, Republican, Tea Party favorite, and former Gainesville city commissioner Ed Braddy. The choice could not be more clear. Braddy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing who consistently opposed the progressive majority as commissioner. He tries to have it both ways. He espouses small government while promising to fund everything people in Gainesville care about. He promises to promote property rights and protect neighborhoods. He says on his website he favors increased transit routes in East Gainesville yet he co-chairs an organization called the American Dream Coalition which promotes automobile use, which implies opposition to transit.  His primary skill appears to be promoting a ring-wing agenda while appearing not to. The people of Gainesville see through his façade. We will not and must not allow Braddy to bluff his way into office.

We must all get out to vote. Election day is Tuesday, as mentioned above. The polls are open between 7 am and 7 pm. Further, early voting is open this weekend at the County Administration Building downtown (12 SE lst Street), 9 am to 2 pm tomorrow and 11am to 2pm Sunday. Please get out and vote for Mayor Lowe. The future of our city is at stake.