Tell Congress that you #StandWithPP – Draw the Line

Tell Congress that you #StandWithPP – Draw the Line. – This is a petition to tell Congress that you stand with a Planned Parent against attempts to defund it. Republican’s are using scurrilous allegations drawn from edited video footage to justify eliminating funds for a vital organization.cancer

Planned Parenthood provides essential reproductive health care for women. It also provides other care such as cancer screening. Only 3% of its budget goes to abortions. It is a vital health resource for women.

The pro-life movement has had a vendetta against Planned Parenthood for decades. They have outdone themselves recently. The have edited footage of PP officials discussing removing organs from aborted fetuses to make it look like they were callously talking about making money off of these body parts. This is disgusting.

I realize pro-lifers are passionate about their conviction that life begins at conception. That does not, however, justify grossly distorting the truth. They do not seem to care what the facts are. They argue what they want to argue regardless and alter the truth to fit their narrative.

This must stop. We must make it clear to Congress that we will not stand for such tactics any longer. please sign the petition.