Plum Creek

Environmentalists in Alachua County have frequently had to fight proposals for new malls, commercial plazas, even “communities.” A company called Plum Creek, however, has topped all these. This firm has proposed to build what has been called a town, on a wetland area, no less.

This ” town” is to be constructed east of Newnan’s Lake. The current wetland is already suffering loss of water and increasing pollutant levels. With the stress on the Florida Aquifer and the water crisis in the state as a whole, the lass thing we need is to lose more wetlands. As Cynthia Barnett pointed out in her book on the water problem in Florida, few wetlands means less rain because storms will not last as long when they come ashore with less water to sustain them.

Further, if the purpose is to create jobs, siting developments in a East Gainesville and or Hawthorne, where the jobs are needed makes more sense. For more on this misguided proposal and fighting it, please see