State of The Union

9:34pm. -“Climate change is a fact.” Amen. This is the best thing the president has said so far. Why did he not say it before?

He has made a vague call for patent refore, but we need to move rights from cotrporations to inventors, not curb litigation. He points out that our depend on foreign oil is down, but this was achieved by drilling.

I am glad to see he just brought up the failure to extend unemployment benefits. Now he just told congress to rectify this. Very good.

Now he makes a tepid reference to the need to teach people to think, not pass tests. Obama is still playing it cautious.

He wants to help students with loan debt, but makes no proposal.

Wow! He called the gender wage gap an “embarrassment.”  “It is time to do away with workplace policies that belong in a “Mad Men” episode.” Powerful. That is much better.

Next, he just asked employers to do all the can to raise the employees wages.

Finally, an executive order. He says he will require federal contractors to pay a “fair wage” of $10.10 hour, followed by another appeal for higher private sector wages.

Proposes a new savings bond,  My IRA.  It will ” offer employees access to an automatic IRA on the job.”

Ah, now we come to health care. He is lauding the ACA’s achievements. He is challenging the  GOP to come up with their own plan.  He also admonishes them against another repeal attempt. Touché!

“Citizenship means standing up for everyone’s right to vote.” Roger that!! He class for reforms proposed by a commission. Weak.

Touting the upcoming “pullout” from Afghanistan.  Says that we must get off a permanent war footing. Advocates limits on drone use and transferring detainees. Good, good. Do not hold your breath, though.

Talking about Syria, says chem weapons are being eliminated, but that is a small factor iIn the war there.

Embraces Israel.

Touts deal with Iran. “We are clear-eyed.”

Says that aiding disaster victims help our long-term security.

Talking about a soldier who survived a severe brain injury. This person is given a standing ovation.

President Obama ended with flare while Boehner glared, a statesman and an orange grinch.

This was another cautious, well-delivered speech, but it was punctuated with a few promising proposals. Whether he can follow through and survive the right-wing cascade of nonsense(they are already ranting about big government) and fanatic obstruction only time will tell.