I have just finished reading a book called “DREAMERS An Immigrant Generation’s Fight for Their American Dream.” The author, Eileen Truax, is a journalist and herself an immigrant The book was inspired by the stories of many immigrants she unearthed when assigned by “La Opinion” (Los Angeles) to cover the Mexican-American community. Truax decided that telling these stories was more real than citing studies and/or statistics.

That is exactly what this book is: a collection of stories of undocumented immigrants. The title comes from DREAM in the DREAM Act. DREAM stands for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors. Dreamers are those who would be helped by the dreamed act if it passed, namely people who were brought to this country by undocumented parents when the were minors.

Truax interviews and tells the story of many of these people. The relate how they have had to live their lives in fear of being caught by immigration authorities and deported. Those still in the country by the time they are 18 face difficulties applying for college and particularly for financial aid because they do not have a social security number.

Those who are caught are deported to a country that is unfamiliar to them.

These stories and others are told powerfully by Truax. This is a riveting book.

Black Trans History Is Inspirational by Monica Roberts

Black Trans History Is Inspirational by Monica Roberts. -this is an article from the Transgender Law Center.

Black Trans History is an appropriate topic during Black History month. Transgendered African-Americans have rich history, as Ms. Roberts points out. Let us not forget that.

Marriage Equality Rules!

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Marriage equality became the rule in all 67 of the counties of Florida today! Even rogue AG Pam Bondi had to concede the inevitability of this development and wished couples well. Clerks in some counties have resorted to ceasing to perform marriages at all, but they are still required to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Now we need a statewide ENDA in Florida and one nationwide. Rights for transgendered people are also essential.

Marriage equality is also sweeping the country, as the above chart from thenewcivilrightsmovement.com shows. They estimate that 70% of gay men and lesbians in this country live in a place where same-sex marriage is legal. Sometimes the “good guys” win in the end.


TransAction Florida


Big it news here in Florida! Equality Florida has launched TransAction Florida! TransAction Florida is an initiative to promote equality for transgender people. It has a Facebook page and a Twitter feed so far.

Also of note is that Florida State Rep. Holly Raschein has proposed the Florida Competitive Workforce Act. This legislation would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the state law prohibiting discrimination.

Finally, the appeals of the handful of district court decisions striking down Florida’s gay marriage ban have been consolidated. The 11th circuit court of appeals has refused to overrule the expiration of the stay on the district court ruling. This means that, barring intervention by the right-wing U.S a Supreme Court, same-sex marriage will be legal in Florida! 🎈🎉🎈🎉🎈 Hurray!

This post was mostly sourced from Equality Florida.