Commander-In-Chief Forum

Clinton had a very sophisticated start but her answers also sounded a bit like platitudes. This because the first two questions were abou ISIS and t combating terrorism. These difficult questions for which no obvious answers exist.

Trump is starting. He will skirt the problem by giving simple and entertaining answers that mean nothing. He just touted his judgment. I am worried that too many people swallow this. He criticized “Obama’s” generals and says Iraq was badly handled, but no specifics! Rediculous.

He just repeated his assertion that we should have taken the oil and got out. This is disgusting. He is worse than Goldwater.    Further, he is blaming Obama for a complex situation that presented a dilemma. 

Listening to Trump is painful. Now is replying to being asked what he would do to bring Putin back to the table by criticizing Obama and saying he would have a good relationship with Putin, but NO specifics. 

He advocated a new system of courts to deal with sexual assaults in the military, which is a non-solution. It is business as usual.  

Listening to Trump is like Halloween a month early.