Precinct 32 Update

I went back up to the parking lot of the precinct up the street at 6:45. What I saw was not impressive. All the available parking spaces  were filled up . And a few cars at a time were entering the lot. A trickle of 2-3 people at a time were awntering the precinct. This was more that at 2:15, but not huge. The turnout at this precinct does not appear to be particularly heavy.


I voted at 2:19 p.m down the street at Precinct 32 (Life South building). I was the 406th vote, which is much better than in a normal local election. The room was empty when I came in but 5 voters were in there when I left. These are good signs as turnout usually does not pick up until 4:30 p.m.  Turnout, of course, is key to Bernie Sanders and Lauren Poe. 

We must reverse this trend of Republican turnout in primaries exceeding that of Democrats. That tends to happen pre in closed primaries than open primaries and Florida’s is closed.Sadly, MSNBC reports that non-Democrat Sanders voters in Florida have been frustrated that his name does not appear on their ballots. That mean 

 s you Democrats had better get out and vote. One person on twitter is saying precincts have already run out of ballots in several places in Florida, which bodes very well for turnout although such a claim is also a notorious voter suppression trick.