Republicans Are Making Excuses to Keep Control of the Supreme Court

The tragic death of Justice Antonin Scalia has created a vacancy on the United States Supreme Court. President has said that he would appoint a successor, as is his constitution responsibility. Republicans have shamefully vowed to block a vote on any such nominee. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) and Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) have said that the winner of the November election should pick Scalia’s replacement. This would leave the Court with an empty seat for at least 11 months, possibly more than a year. That would be scandalous, especially in the context of how Republicans have denied so many of the president’s nominees a vote that a judge shortage has resulted. An insane number of vacancies exist in the federal courts.

The time has come to end the madness. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! The “GOP” has had the gall to manipulate the confirmation process to 35 years. When Reagan was president his party claimed the Senate had no right to reject any presidential nominees for any office. Just tonight Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) claimed the Senate’s confirmation power gave them the authority to deny a vote to Obama’s nominee to replace Scalia. That is dumbfounding hypocrisy in action. It has resulted in the denial of a vote to a large number of Obama’s nominees and an insane number of vacancies in the federal courts. It will result in a vacancy on the SCOTUS for for from 11 months (Obama’s time left in action) to possibly over a year (counting the time it might take the newly elected president to pick her/his own nominee).

The Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), said the winner of November’s election should pick the nominee and Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) said that this was too late a date to confirm a nominee. 11 months is a long time, too long to leave a SCOTUS seat vacant.  Further, I wonder if Sessions knows that presidents are appointed to four-year terms, not three-year terms. Obama won in a high turnout year and nhas higher approval rating than in that year. The Republican-controlled congress has a dismal rating, much lower than Obama’s and controls the Senate ONLY because they took over in an non-presidential year (2014) with typically low turnout. Obviously the president has more credibility.

The time has come to stop the madness. President Obama will name a nominee. He must wait out of respect to Scalia, but his pick will come soon, it must to put full pressure on ” GOP” senators. We must fight for whoever is nominated. We must not allow the Republicans to use asinine excuses to keep control of the Supreme Court of the United States.



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