First Democratic Presidential Debate

A surprising amount of time is being spent on gun control. The candidates just had quite an argument. Sanders and Chaffee advocated compromise and Clinton and OMalley advocated standing on principle.

Sanders defended himself by pointing out that Vermont is a rural state. His bite TPP make gun manufacturers immune from lawsuits was not mentioned, but Sanders said he got a D- from the NRA.

Now they are talking about foreign policy. Sanders advocated a coalition against Putin but no ground troops. Clinton defended her judgement. Sanders compared evidence for action against Syria to evidence for Iraq invasion. He dodged question about whether he would use force, however, but opposed unilateral force.

O’Malley is answering the question right now. He opposes an invasion or a no-fly zone.

Clinton advocates no-fly zone, seeks leverage to bring Russia to the table.

Webb says China is the biggest threat.

Sanders responds: Putin will regret what he is doing, Russian people sent him a message.

Cooper brought up Bengazi. Calls overthrow of Khadafi “smart power at its best.”

O’Malley says Bengazi shows that we need better intelligence and better decisions. Ouch.

Webb is also pouncing.he says acting in Libya without congressional authority was not wise. He keeps touting his and hs family’s military service ad nauseum.

Sanders talks about opposing Vietnam war, but supporting Afghanistan war and air strike in Syria. He says war should be a last resort.

Chaffee argues with Webb, says Iran deal did not help Russia.

Sanders says global warming is greatest threat to the country, Webb cites a strategic threat.

This debate is sanity, whereas the Republican debates were insanity. The Republicans also postured more.

I am surprised that the normally aggressive Clinton has held back, but she is apparently trying  act like the front runner.

She is now answering a question about her e-mails. And claims to be Trans parent. She just called the Benghazi committee an arm of the Republican National Committee. Says other issues are more important. Sanders backs her up. O’Malley agreed.

Candidates are asked if black lives matter or all lives matter. Sanders and Malley choose black lives matter. Clinton advocates reforming criminal justice.

Sanders asking what he could do that President Obams couldn’t. He advocates rebuilding infrastructure, raising the minimum wage and changing trade policy.

Clinto touts her econmics plan, says economy does better when a Democrst is in the White House.

O’Malley touts his accomplishmen and advocates restoring the Glass-Seagal banking reform law.

Clinton says with have to worry about shadow banking and other players such as insurance companies.

Sanders dense Clinton’s claim that her plan is tougher on banks than Sanders’ plan. advocates breaking up banks.

Clinton is actually bringing up that she represented Wall Street as senator. Incredible. She says she told them to stop their abuses and calls Dodd-Frank as a start.

O’malley pounces, says Clinton is not for Glass-Steagall and she is.

Clinton touts her role in getting China to agree to fight climate change.

Sanders says he would not have let the economy collapse, would tell millionaires to pay for the harm they caused.

Chaffeee says he did not know what he was dong when h voted for Glass-Steagall. He advocates higher taxes on the wealthy.

Sanders said he will make billionaires pay more taxes and said every kid should be able to get a college education.

Clinton touts her plan on college affordability. Her plan allows refinancing of college debt. She wants college to get their costs down and kids to work their way through college. She says she will defend social security.

Sanders points out he founded the Saving Social Security Caucus. He says social security should be expanded.

He says he voted against an immigration bill because it had a guest worker provision that was semi-slavery.

Clinto says she wants immigrants to have health care but questions O’Malley’s plan to give immigrants Sam exemptions as everyone else.

Omalley says he supports comprehensive immigration reform.

Webb talks about need for comprehensive reform and to “redefine our border.”

O’Malley calls Trump a xenophobe and a carnival barker.

Sanders asked why Senate did not respond to VA hospital crisis. He says his committee passed legislation which improved the situation.

Clinton is talking about her vote to authorize the Patriot Act. she says she spoke out against its abuses.

Sanders advocates shutting down NSA surveillance programs.

Chaffe says court have ruled that surveillance was illegal.

Clinton is criticizing Snowden. O’Malley does as well. sanders seas he should be penalized for breaking the law, but says Snowden educated us.

They are all asked how they would not be an Obams third term. O’Malley says create a modern Glass-Steagall. Clinton says that is obvious, but when pressed says she would go beyond Obama. Sanders says he will make the government work for all of us and not just millionaires. Webb says difference would be in use of executive power, working with congress mrore. Sanders we need to have one of the largest voter turnouts in the world, not one of the lowest. O’Malley dots in before commercial.

Clinton: Touts her experience in repose to presidency being called a Two-party crown.

Chaffee: America needs to “move forward”

Samders: there is “frustration with establishment politics.” He does not have a super-pac.

Girl on video asks about climate change. O’Malley advocates tax credits for solar and commitment getting off the grid.

Webb is pro-coal and advocates a global approach.

Sanders says that this is a moral issue. He says nothing will happen unless campaign finance is reformed and they we must work with China.

Hillary says that is what she has been advocating and ance again touts the agreement with China.

Clinton asked about paid leave, points about California has had aid leave without ill effects. She says talk of job loss is a Republcan scare tactic.

Sanders points out that every other country has paid leave.

Now a question to Sanders about recreational marijuana. He says he would vote yes.

Sanders asked how he would get Republcans to comprmise. He says millions of people such as workers and students need to come together and demand that Republicans compromise, make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Closing statements now. Chafee says he wants to be a peacemaker. Webb says he tackles unpopular issues. O’Malley says this debate had no denigration of women or racism bit is an honest discussion. Sanders decries US has highest  child poverty rate in industrial countries and income inequality? He says we must stand upto the corporations. Clinton says her mission is to raise incomes and to restore the idea that anyone whoworkshatdcan get ahead.

This was a good debate. All the candidates postured too much, especially Webb and Clinton., but not nearly as much as the Repubican candidates have.

I think Sanders won. He had more substance than anyone else. Clinton was ready but her answers were often made empty by her dodging questions by touting her plan or her experience. Webb touted his and his family’s military service enough to make one lose one’s dinner.


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