This is being written from the basement of my brother and sister-in-law’s house in Northfield, Minnesota, home of Carleton College, where my sister-in-law teaches, and St. Olaf College. This town is such a nice place that I almost hate to go back home to “GOP” ruled Florida.

Minnesota, unlike many other Midwest states, is moving to the left because Minneapolis and St. Paul are increasing in population. It has thus far been spared from the wave of Republican rogue governors ravaging the Midwest and New England. The two senators are both Democrats. One of them, Al Franken, is near the top of the ratings in Progressive Push and still won re-election easily.

In Northfield, which is no doubt influenced by the liberal Carleton faculty, no analog to the civic media center exists, but they have a food co-op and community bank. A bagel restaurant we went to has a peace symbol made of sticks hanging on the wall. 

Like Gainesville, Northfield is surrounded by conservative rural areas. One of the graduation parties for my nephew’s class that we went to was held on a farm, with a band playing in a barn.  The people were nice, though.

Northfield High School, from which my nephew graduated on Sunday, put on an impressive ceremony. That people in this town value education that much gives me hope for the future.