The Time is NOW!


The Florida National Organization for Women is had its state convention in Venice, Florida this past weekend. I wish that this event, held by one of the finest organizations around, got more coverage. Far be it from the corporate, allegedly liberal media to pay much attention to progressive organizations.

This one is greatly needed. The reproductive rights of women are under attack across the nation, including in Florida, where the Republicans dominate the state legislature and one of the county’s most pernicious rogue governors was re-elected last year.  Progress in narrowing the wage gap is slow. Women make up only 20% of the members of Congress. We still have not had a woman president and the woman who is the front-runner for the next term in the White House is mired in themselves fr scandal. Federally mandated unpaid leave is useless to most women and we have no paid-leave law.

We have a long to go towards equality for women. Feminist organizing is imperative. Progress is being slowed to a crawl by conservative excuse-making and male resistance. Men react to the efforts of women to free themselves from the shackles of stereotypes and glass ceilings by increasing the machismo and darkness and considering ares penetrated by women to be female. One one wonders if in the future men will end up living in caves and swing clubs like their ancestors because they consider everything else to be female.

This is the problem: dividing everything into male and female and heaping disrespect onto what is considered female. The time has come, is long past actually, to stop stereotyping people and to respect subjects and activities that have been identified with women. Enough is enough.

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