What President Obama didn’t mention in his immigration address

President Obama outlined his executive order three and a half hours ago. Approximately 4.1 are expected to qualify to avoid deportation for three years and obtain work permits. This is a reprieve, but it sounds too much like the Bracero program of the mid-twentieth century. Granting work permits without citizenship is exploitation pure and simple. The above article is right in pointing out that this will lower labor costs ( wages, of course) and suits employers, but wrong in asserting that Obama is as bought and paid for as Republicans; corporations spent much more money to defeat him than to elect him ( most of his money came from small donations, while most of Romney’s came from corporations).

Deportation would lower wages here even more; exporting problems never works). Delaying deportation is better than nothing, but these people and the other seven million undocumented immigrants need and deserve citizenship! Because they could not afford to get documentation or to wait to be processed, these people deserve Amnesty. That’s right, I said the A word! Let me shout it out: AMNESTY! The undocumented deserve amnesty from our unjust immigration laws just as evaders of unjust draft evaders for an unjust and useless war deserved amnesty over 40 years ago.

Therefore, we must not only support the president’s historic action, but push him and Congress to go further. The undocumented deserve a hearing without having to suffer in detention for weeks, months years, and they deserve a path to citizenship. From here on out we must fight the pig-headed and xenophobic right-wing opposition to justice.

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There’s a sequence of 6 letters that appears nowhere in the transcript

President Obama finally addressed the nation today regarding the executive actions he’s taking in regard to our broken immigration system. If you’re looking for a strident pro or con piece, this isn’t it. If you’re looking for a call to see him impeached, yeah, good luck with that. If you’re acting like this is the first time a sitting president has ever had the temerity to go it alone on the issue, maybe you might want to bone up on the administrations of Ronnie “Golf? I NAP!” Reagan and creepy ex-chief of the secret police George “I Threw Up on Helmut Kohl and All I Got Was this Lousy T-Shirt” Bush, the Elder. Even so, I’m here to throw our friends on the right a bone.

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