Victory! Paycheck Fairness Act Advances!

The U.S. Senate voted 73-25 thus afternoon to open debate on the Paycheck Fairness Act. This is the first time in four tries that Democratic senators have broken the Republican filibuster on such debate. Since a Republicans can filibuster this bill later on, this is a small victory and far from passage. It is, however, a start. Senators will finally have to debate the measure.


The Paycheck Fairness Act is coming up for a vote in the Senate. It has been blocked by the “GOP” three(3) times! We cannot allow that to happen a fourth time! Please tell Republicans no! Tell Democrats to support the bill! WOMEN DESERVE EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK!

This means:

– sending an e-mail to your senators
– sending e-mails to Republican senators
– going to
– vote against those who vote against the Paycheck Fairness Act

S J Res 19 Passes

We have a small bit of good new tonight. S J Res 19, the Constitutional Amendment to nominally overturn “Citizens Untied” passed the Senate by a vote of 79-18. This a small victory. The measure is highly unlikely to pass the House, which is the next step. Moreover, that it was not filibustered indicates that the GOP was not anxious to block it and is almost certainly playing games.

In fact, S J Res 19 is weak. It does not revoke corporate citizenship, rather it allows Congress to enact “reasonable” regulations. This not only gives power to politicians instead of the people but is such weak language that it might not change the rulings of the Supreme Koch, er, Court one iota.

So this is very small victory. It is, however, a start. It also shows that the Senate, at least, is feeling the heat. We must not let up.

Note: SJ Res 19, also known as the Democracy for a All amendment,actually advanced to debate rather than passing. I am sorry for the mistake.

This simple graphic shows America’s messed up priorities

Like this post from “Rise Up Times ” says, “this simple graphic shows America’s messed up priorities.” Indeed it does. When will this country make education as high a priority as incarceration???

Rise Up Times

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Eco Wolf
September 4 at 1:55pm

‘We’re a Movement Now’: Fast Food Workers Strike in 150 Cities – NBC News
KANSAS CITY, Mo.— Fast food workers are expected to walk off the job in an…

Fast food workers are on strike across this country. We must stand in solidarity with them. People deserve to be paid a fair, livable wage for their work.

Happy Labor Day!

Today is Labor Day. This is day we celebrate workers for their contributions to this country. It is of course, the celebration that is palatable to the ruling class. May should also be a national holiday, but only die-hard progressives observed. We can celebrate workers serving their employers but mustn’t celebrate them standing up to those bosses, oh no!

That attitude must change in this country. Progress was Bering made for a time, but the ideology of subservience enjoying a renaissance in the 80s in the form of supply side economics, which is little more than cheerleading for the executive class.

The first President Bush, while a candidate in 1980, termed this cheerleading “voodoo economics.” The more time goes by, the more apparent it becomes how apt the analogy is. The way conservatives worship the rich and have faith that giving them money wil produce “prosperity” is like dancing around and worshipping idols. Faith in the “invisible hand” is like faith in an unseen deity.

The persistence of this religion is making change difficult. A coalition of the business class with the religious right (who bought into supply side hocus locus because they realized it furthered their interests) adds up to at least 40% of the electorate. The faith also captivates economists in general.

Fortunately, the ranks of dissenters among prominent economists is growing, counting Robert Reich, Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz, and Thomas Piketty, author of groundbreaking “Capital in the 21st Century”, among their number. Hopefully their herald the emergence of a new economics that will undo the damage thar the previous paradigm has done to the economy, the labor movement, and workers in general.

Thus, while we celebrate Labor Day we must renew our fight for a fair economy and strive for the future to be better than the past forty years.