Enough is Definitely Enough

This time Republicans have gone too far. This latest outrage must be the last. Shutting the government down unless they get their way is not only abominable, it is childish. Those big babies do not deserve their seats in congress. We must all rise up and remedy this appalling situation now and for all time.

First, we put the pressure on the right-wing fools who got us into this mess. Send them tons of  petitions, e-mail, and tweets demanding that they end the shutdown until they comply or vomit their last meal, which ever comes first. I, for one, will send at least one email each day.

Secondly, we do everything we can to lay these clowns off the way they have caused federal workers, and perhaps some in the private sector, to be laid off.  Support their opponents. Make the shutdown artists sweat buckets and perhaps defeat some of them.

Third, we must end once and for all the system of gerrymandering that has allowed the GOP to etch  a majority for their party in the U.S. House of Representatives into the landscape. In particular we must end the practice of politicians drawing district lines at all levels of government. We must create and fight for alternatives. A panel of judges and/or academics is one possibility.

Finally, we must end the dominance of money in our, and it should be ours, political system. Redoubling the effort to repeal the wretched SCOTUS decision in the Citizens United case is urgent. That is just the beginning. We must restore the finance reform laws that said court has been gutting for 39 years and then go further: full disclosure by both candidates and contributors, limits on corporate contributions, no corporate contributions without the approval of the stockholders, stricter limits on lobbying, among other things. We must be relent less about this from now on. The time has come to sweep the halls of government clean.

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