Today’s (10/5) Polls

Today is the fifty-sixth day of Romney-Ryan, the ticket time forgot. Five days are left until the vice-presidential debate and thirty-two days until Election Day. The majority of students voting in the two-day referendum unfortunately voted against renaming the University of Florida’s student union after the integration hero Virgil Hawkins. Supporters, despite the loss, seem to think they won enough votes to continue.

Meanwhile, the Dog Torturer, after basking in the glow of his  “win” Wednesday night, has, since yesterday morning, been continually blasted halfway to Alpha Centauri for his debate  prevarications. In other words, he is getting payback. In fact I was thinking that the president’s strategy might have been to give Mitt Etch-A-Sketch enough rope to hang himself with. If so, it may just be working. Only time will tell.

Even if it doesn’t work, he and the country have verified goof news today. The U.S. unemployment rate (not seasonally adjusted) fell to 7.8%, the lowest since President Obama took office, according to the Department of Labor. They report that 114,000 jobs were added in September. The number of people looking for work did NOT decline, so this improvement is real. While we are celebrating, here are today’s presidential tracking polls:

  • Race

Rasmussen  lv3d: Obama 49%*, Romney 47%*, some other candidate 1%

Gallup          rv7d : Obama 49%           ,  Romney 45%

  • Presidential Approval

Rasmussen  lv3d: Approve 50% (29%**), Disapprove 48% (40%**)

Gallup           rv3d: Approve 52%                , Disapprove 43%

lv = likely voters, rv = registered voters, 3d = 3-day, 7d = 7-day

No bounce for Romney in the Rasmussen poll with1 out of three days after the debate, but Rasmussen says on its sight that Thursday’s one-day numbers show “improvement” for the Dog Torturer, but whether this is “noise” is uncertain. The Gallup seven-day race measure shows Romney going up by one, but that is not significant. Whether Romney will get a bounce from his absurd debate performance is still unclear, so keep calling him on the falsehoods spewed that night.