Today’s (10/2) Polls

Today is the first of two days of the student referendum on renaming the University of Florida’s student union after integration hero Virgil Hawkins. If you are a UF student, vote yes.

Meanwhile, five weeks, thirty-five days, are left until election day. The first presidential debate is tomorrow. The Dog Torturer’s desperation and low expectations make this a tough one for the president  to win. Therefore, we must cheer him on but not expect too much. After all, this talk that Romney does not want to be president is incredibly premature at best.

Looking ahead, next Monday is Native American Day (or Indigenous Peoples Day), still officially observed as Columbus Day. Let us celebrate Native Americans, the people who were here for millennia, rather than the first European to stumble onto this continent. In the context of the whole history of this country, here are today’s presidential tracking polls:

  • Race

Rasmussen  lv3d: Obama 48%*, Romney 47%*, some other candidate 1%

Gallup          rv7d : Obama 50%           ,  Romney 44%

  • Presidential Approval

Rasmussen  lv3d: Approve 48% (28%**), Disapprove 51% (40%**)

Gallup           rv3d: Approve 48%                , Disapprove 45%n

  • Generic Congressional Ballot

Rasmussen  lv7d: Republican 45, Democrat 41

lv = likely voters, rv = registered voters, 3d = 3-day, 7d = 7-day

The president is up by six in Gallup and 5 (50%=45%) in the Rasmussen swing state poll, which is also 7-day. Also, Gallup pegs unemployment at  7.8%. Since it was at 7.8% or 7.9% many days last month, the rate may come in below 8% in the September jobs report on Friday. Now, if the debate will just have nothing go wrong …

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