Todays (9/26) Polls

Today is unofficially the first day of Autumn (Fall). Officially, the season starts September 22, but technically the first day of Autumn is the day when the length of daylight is equal to the length of  night, 12 hours each. That did not happen until today, for which sunrise in Gainesville is 7:20 A.M. and sunset is 7:20 P.M. Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement and holiest day of the year is also today.Finally, today is also the forty-seventh day of the definitely not holy Romney-Ryan ticket. 41 days are left until election day, seven until the first presidential debate, and six until the first day of the student referendum on renaming the University of Florida’s student union after integration hero Virgil Hawkins. Twenty-four states have begun early voting (absentee ballots). Early voting (in person) begins in Florida on October 27. In the meantime, here are the first daily presidential tracking polls of the fall:

  • Race

Rasmussen lv3d : Romney 46% (48%*), Obama    46% (46%*), some other candidate 3%

Gallup         rv7d  : Obama  50%              ,  Romney 44%

  • Presidential Approval

Rasmussen lv3d : Approve 48% (26%#), Disapprove 51% (43%#)

Gallup         rv3d  : Approve 51%               , Disapprove 43%

lv = likely voters; rv = registered voters; 3d = three-day average; 7d = seven-day average; * = with leaners added; # = strong;

The president continues to slide in Rasmussen while he gains in Gallup. Both turnout and Rasmussen ‘s conservative bias seem to be at work. Rasmussen’s swing state poll has him up by two, though. People in those states must be paying more attention than those in the other states and the president is evidently winning the campaign.

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