Today’s (8/24) Polls

This is the fourteenth day of the menacing Ryan candidacy. The  Republican National Convention, seemingly embedded in a time warp, is three days away. With the most conservative platform ever and seven “birther” speakers, the GOP is still pandering to the fringe and fit for cant. It is no small wonder that the Romney/Ryan ticket is getting 0% of the African-American vote. They do not deserve any Hispanic vote either. As the beginning of the right-wing fantasy festival approaches, here are today’s presidential tracking polls:


  • Race

Rasmussen: Romney 46%, Obama 45%, some other candidate 4% (likely voters)(3-day)

Gallup         : Romney 46%, Obama 46% (registered voters)(7-day)


  • Presidential Approval

Rasmussen: Approve 48%, Disapprove 51% (likely voters)(3-day)

Gallup         : Approve 47%, Disapprove 47% (registered voters)(3-day)


This race is totally static; practically no change has occurred in these polls since yesterday. The question is whether the RNC can change them. A coalition of progressive groups is planning to protest outside the convention. Hopefully they can have an impact.

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