This is the eleventh reminder to vote in the general election. Visit and/or call your local Supervisor of Elections’ office. Alternately, you can use an online app. One is posted in the upper right-hand corner of this blog. This is important; the 2012 elections are shaping up to be close up and down the ballot. Remember, the 196o election turned on less than one vote per precinct. Furthermore, the 2000 election was closer than the counting machines’ margin of error in Florida. The future of  the rightward-skewed U.S. Supreme Court and the rest of the federal judiciary is at sake THIS year, so get out and register, then vote!

Today’s (8/21) Polls

This is day 11 of the regrettable Ryan candidacy. It is a very dark and rainy day in Gainesville. While drought has ravaged the nation, it is a distant memory here, for now. Ensconced in the recollection of smoke from fires mostly to the north blowing over  this city, here are today’s presidential tracking polls:

  • Race

Rasmussen:  Romney 45%, Obama 44%, some other candidate 5% (likely voters)(3-day)

Gallup         :  Romney 47%, Obama 45% (registered voters)(7-day)

  • Presidential Approval

Rasmussen:  Approve 49%, Disaaprove 50% (likely voters)(3-day)

Gallup         :  Approve 45%, Disapprove 48% (registered voters)(3-day)


The numbers continue to be very stable. As the RNC approaches, Romney and Ryan are stuck having to distance themselves from the incredibly male chauvinistic Akin. While most Republicans have denounced this clod’s comments, Rep. King of Iowa actually defended him. The people in his Iowa district should show him the U.S. Capitol building door!