Today’s (8/3) Polls

The  July jobs report came out today and was decidedly mixed. The number of jobs created was 160,000, the highest since January. The unemployment rate, however, rose to 8.3%. This ironic combination probably means that the number of people seeking work  increased. In the meantime, with the president back in Washington, D.C., the First Lady in Massachusetts, and the Green Party ticket still in jail, here are today’s presidential tracking polls:

  • Race

Rasmussen :  Romney 47%,   Obama 43%,  some other candidate 5% (likely voters) (3-day)

Gallup          :  Obama 47%,     Romney 45% (registered voters) (7-day)

  • Presidential Approval

Rasmussen  :  Approve 44%, Disapprove 54% (likely voters) (3-day)

Gallup           :  Approve 45%, Disapprove 48% (registered voters) (7-day)