Resolution Against “Citizen’s United” Fails in Alachua County

Gainesville (Florida) Move To Amend proposed putting a resolution overruling the U.S. Supreme Court’s horrendous “Citizens United” decision on the ballot in Alachua County. The county commision approved a limited version last week by a 3-2 vote with Tea Party Commissioner Susan Baird and conservative Democrat Lee Pinkoson voting no.

Another vote, however, stood in the way. The resolution needed to survive a vote on the wording, held yesterday, to appear on the ballot. Sadly it was not to be. Republican Commissioner Winstin Bradley, appointed by Florida rogue Governor Rick Scott to fill a vacancy, changed his mind and voted no, resulting in a 3-2 vot killing the measure.  He told The Gaineville Sun that he made the switch because he checked the Move To Amend website and the “partisan nature of what he saw eroded his support”

What we have is another Republican in denial of the fact that most of the problem is on his side (Bradley), a predictable Tea Partier (Baird), and a traitorous Democrat (Pinkoson). The next move is to vigorously oppose these three for re-election. They have shown their true colors. For the Republicans, this s no surprise. Even though Pinkoson has been. Right-winger during his tenure and I have always opposed him, his vote was not totallyexpected. Suffice it to say that no Democrat should ever vote for him again!

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