Yesterday’s (7/13) Polls

I’m baaaaaack! It’s Friday the Thirteenth. Correction, it WAS Friday the Thirteenth. Times flies sometimes. Here, then, are YESTERDAY’s presidential tracking polls:

  • All Voters

Rasmussen :   Obama 46%, Romney 45%, some other candidate 5% (3-day) (likely voters)

Gallup          :   Obama 46%, Romney 46% (7-day) (registered voters)

  • Obama Presidential Approval

Rasmussen :    Approve 48%, Disapprove 51% (3-day) (likely voters)

Gallup          :    Approve 45%, Disapprove 48% (3-day) (registered voters)


The race is still even. Whatever damage the Bain controversy and the president’s commercials have done to Romney has been counterblanced by the damage the economy is still doing to Mr. Obama. Additionally, several polls show youth and Latino projected turnout (saying they will vote) to be lower than other groups. Worse yet, since the Republican convention is a month and a half away, we will be subject to the Dog Torturer’s vice presidential pick soon. What a summer!

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