Today’s(7/2) Polls

Today is July 2, two days from July 4.  People are preparing to celebrate. My project over the period surrounding the 4th this year is to read as much as possible of Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States.” Mindful that history is continually going on all around us, here are today’s presidential tracking polls:



  • All Voters

Rasmussen :   Romney 46%, Obama   44% (likely voters) (3-day)

Gallup          :   Obama   48%, Romney 43% (registered voters) (7-day)



  • Obama Presidential Approval

Rasmussen  :  Approve 46%, Disapprove 53% (likely voters) (3-day)

Gallup           :  Approve 46%, Disapprove 47% (registered voters) (3-day)



  • Generic Congressional Ballot

Rasmussen  :   Republican 41%, Democrat 40%



Wow! The Democrats are finally within a point on the generic ballot. This is the closest thy have been since the disastrous 2010 election. R’s fell more than D’s gained, though.  Note, also, that 19% did not pick a party. So many undecideds leave a great deal of uncertainty.